Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Trail of Bread Crumbs

Before I continue blogging away here, I would like to draw the reader’s attention to a trail of bread crumbs, since you cannot have a genuine prophet of YAHWEH on the job without there being a trail of bread crumbs to follow that form a trail leading back to the original source, which was YAHWEH God. I feel it is required that I briefly go over this matter since although I am a prophet of YAHWEH, and should therefore be much more famous than I am, the truth is that even after all these years I find that I still must go back to the beginning and start over again, doing this over and over again, since every attempt is made to deny me any sort of history in this place, which then requires me to start from the beginning over and over again, every single time I encounter someone new.

I told you the story of how when I was fifteen the brilliant glowing craft appeared at Banff National Park. The craft then followed my family to Jasper, and then to Meadow Lake, and finally back to my hometown of Melville, Saskatchewan. Naturally this caused a big stir in that town, and I remember the people who saw them. People were also doing that thing that people do when such strange things begin to happen, which is calling the police and calling the media. I remember one kid, whose name was Craig, who was out every evening with his toy telescope trying to get a closer look.

Now in my intellect I knew that what was happening was very real, but at the same time I noticed this bizarre conflict which existed within my personality. I knew it was real and yet at the same time it did not feel real. My mind was pulling me in one direction while my emotions were constantly trying to pull me back to where I came from. It took some time before my emotions settled down and began to agree with my head. This was a strange experience and I mention it because it is inevitable that sooner or later you will be experiencing something similar.

I would love so very much to be able to convince you not to follow your emotions which will be pulling you back onto the road you were on before, where you will then begin to continue your trek towards the horizon and the awaiting inferno that every human being sees burning in the distance, and which waits to consume them and destroy them somewhere further down the road. Your heart is on this road, and will not easily leave this road behind, because it is all it has ever experienced.

I could try to appeal to your mind, instead of to your emotions, by showing you a few pieces of observable data. For example, are you familiar with that ‘Eden Wing’ made out of clouds? (Here is the link Eden Wing Press Release
) What happened here is that a giant cloud shaped like a wing was unfolded like a banner over the barren Sahara desert during the Earth Day Weekend, 2001. The press releases are dated Friday evening, and the wing appeared on Sunday, April 22nd, 2001, two days later. The idea behind that stunt was to announce ‘The Garden of Eden,’ by employing the metaphor of a desert transformed into a Garden, with the Garden protected by a wing much like the wing of a mother bird might shelter a chick. I really am embarrassed by those foolish sounding press releases, but you see, I was much more the clueless moron back in those days, and everything I have been through since then has made me a little wiser.

About a year and half ago I started up on another plan to ‘announce the Garden of Eden’. This involves reversing the aging process. Now have you ever heard of some old fag becoming a young fag? Now people think that praying to YAHWEH God and getting an answer is idiotic, and so I must assume that they would be equally convinced of the stupidity of someone suggesting something so stupid. And yet once again there is observable physical evidence that I documented on my website and which is still visible on my nose, which is half healed. I had a sun damaged nose which upon which I proceeded to reverse the aging process while documenting the physical changes on my website. I only went half way on that project and then I stopped because I want to change the way the world thinks, and I can’t do that if no one is paying attention, and so I will wait. However even that half healed nose of mine is significant, because this is physical evidence, and not some crack pot dream. Who has despised the day of small beginnings? Someone might say, ‘it is only a half healed nose, which is to miss the point, because, you see, it is a half healed nose. It should be a completely ruined nose but it is a half healed nose. If you can think of anyone else on the planet with a ruined nose pulling a rabbit out of a hat and coming up with even so much as a half healed nose, let me know. To see some pictures you can follow the links. Page OnePage TwoPage ThreePage Four

There is also a related page on the theory of evolution, related because the physical transformations that took place on that ruined nose and the physical changes which took place during the evolution of species are both caused by the same process (‘biological algorithms’). Principles of Evolution