Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Loving God

Now that I have finished shocking and scandalizing and provoking people with brutally frank discussions of fagitry, I thought it would be good to say a few words about human sexuality and loving God.

First I make note of the fact that the main reason why religion hates God, and does not love God at all, is because of the ruthlessly fucked up sexual system which is found in our religions. You see, it is not possible to force oneself not to look at a cute bare bum and find it to be a cute bare bum without a feeling of deep bitterness, yes even a feeling of deep hatred for that son of bitch, that rotten bastard God. I know this to be true, for if I was ruthlessly forced to renounce my love of Adam's body then I know, just bhy exploring these feelings within myself, that the result would be an intense hatred of God, and not the love of God at all. Church people are like me, they are also human beings, and so despite their claims to have had the help of some ghost to purify their hearts of all sinful desires, I would assume that they are still bitterly hostile towards God, for as we know, even that ghost cannot save church people from the temptations that come along from time to time, the cute bare bums, those forbidden cute bare bums, that must, alas forever be kept under wrap under fig leaves, lest church people, filled with some ghost, should taste of the forbidden fruit of being mysteriously aroused by the sight of a cute bare ass and sin against that bastard God of theirs.

I use the term 'mysteriously' turned on and pleased by bare bums for it is a mystery why human beings should find a bare bum to be so thrilling. No one finds their sofa or the door knob to be exciting, but bare bums, oh yes, they are a cute and very thrilling thing.

It is because of our two thousand years of the religion of trying to hate bare bums that I now find such deep hatred and hostility towards God everywhere I go on this planet. It is my hope that my frank discussions of fagitry and my idealization of human sexuality will do something to help overcome this for the way things are right now the human race would rather die and go into eternal darkness forever than live with some old bastard God who forces them to resist the temptations of their own inborn nature, which tells you a lot about the true purposes of religious doctrine. If someone wanted to create hatred and animosity towards God in the human heart there would be no better way to do it than to create the kind of religions that have existed on this planet for thousands of years.