Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Every Old Fags Dream

I am the dream come true of every old fag in the world, and just the cure for what ails any bitter old queen. You might think that this means that I am one of those Eden boys, but that was over thirty years ago. But that doesn’t matter, I am still every old fags dream, for you see, YAHWEH still loves little Adam, and YAHWEH wants little Adam back.

Let me ask you people again : Who has despised the day of small beginnings? You know something, I have labored for years and you people will just never, ever give me a break, and is it me who is not getting a break. Is it not you people who are hurting yourselves to your own harm?

You know, I went through most of my life in the deepest grief and sorrow. Yes, I was dressed in black like a widow with a black veil over my face in the deepest mourning over you people. I knew that no matter how many times I tried to get you to understand that I had just come back from the Garden of Eden you would not believe my testimony. I had no choice but to let you go back to your life and to continue your death march towards the inferno of destruction awaiting you just over the horizon. To see a planet full of people doing something so ruinously useless was a pain in my heart that just never did heal. I was helpless before your blindness and powerless to do anything about your deafness, and constantly stymied by your reckless ruinous stubbornness. This problem continues to this day, because I keep tossing out bread crumbs, and the buzzards peck them up and carry them away.

The one thing that has changed in my life is that after my last ‘nervous breakdown’ last month, I no longer mourn for you people. It is a waste of my time. I will continue to make the attempt to reach out to you, and then I will leave you to return to the arms of your lovers, so that you might once again join in a passionate embrace while the great painful sadness of the shortness of your embrace washes over you in waves, as is typical behavior for people such as you. You can embrace your lover and embrace your sorrow at the shortness of it all, as you long for a long, long embrace as sadness and sorrow washes over you in waves. Are you as in love with your own sorrow as you are in love with your lovers? Is grief like a lover to you people from whom you cannot bear to be parted. I will leave you to your lover and as for myself from this day forward I am going to live my life emotionally detached from you people. I will no longer share your pain. You can feel it yourself. Is it not your own fault? You have made your choices, and now go and live with your choices if you can. Have a pity party, but don’t expect any pity from me.