Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Scandalous Bon Bons

Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you people. The reason why you do not give me a chance is because you people are unrepentant sinners, and your sins are like an iron wall which prevent you from ever entering into paradise.

Your sin is found in your mouth. It is gossip, that cruel and filthy habit of yours. It is those salacious little bon bons of scandal and back stabbing that you people indulge in as though you were indulging yourself in little sweet treats. I hear you around the coffee table at work, and I am appalled by your cruelty and the wickedness of your gossiping back stabbing mouths. This is the sin that keeps you out of paradise. Do you get so much pleasure from your backstabbing gossip that it is even worth trading for the pleasures of paradise? I would certainly hope so, for because of that one filthy sin of yours and the dreadful inhumanity that has rooted itself down in your nasty heart you have traded paradise for those painful embraces and the great sorrow that lives in your heart at the shortness of it all and the cold icy silence of God, assuming that any such God even exists any more in the ruined hearts of you people, since it has been so very, very long, yes, such a very very long long time.

No one can repent and stop sinning by breaking their filthy addiction to nasty gossip for fear of facing down the fury of the pack. Therefore everyone marches in step carrying on with that filthy life destroying addiction to nasty gossip, which is you sin, and for most of you, just about the only really major life destroying sin you have. Such a thought is thoroughly disgusting to me. I will hold my hands out to you everyday but you will wall me off and keep me trapped and locked away because you yourself are wall off and trapped by a filthy sin from which you do not repent..