Friday, September 14, 2007

The Pit and the Snare

I would not be much of a ‘prophet of YAHWEH’ if I did not ‘prophecy’ and my predictions concerning the course of future events are based upon my years of accumulated experience combined with my analysis of the current state of affairs.

I make note of the fact that so many of the people around me are unrepentant sinners and for most of them the sin of the greatest concern is their bad habit, inherited from their religious ancestors, of being judgmental backstabbing gossips. You can not be a lover of humanity if you are being a moral hypocrite, the type of person who attacks the human race for the simple fact that they are human and they do the things that human beings do by nature. Religion, in particular that fraudulent Christian theology, manufactures excuses for attacking the humanity for being human, thus justifying judgmental backstabbing, through its doctrine of ‘the fall’ and the consequent ‘evil nature’ which then supposedly explains why it is that human beings are by nature evil and therefore can be backstabbed by gossips. What I preach is that ‘the fall’ consists of evil religion and its contradictory doctrines and that we do not have ‘evil nature’ but rather natural law is acceptable just as it is, or it would have to be true that God created evil nature, and is thus a big time fuck up. It is canon law which is evil, and it is for this reason that Canon Law must attack the natural law, and it is religion which led to the fall from grace, and so therefore to justify that godless long forsaken institution that fictions must be created to make it seem like people have fallen since their human nature is in conflict with the doctrines of that fig leaf peddling snake.

It is very obvious that religion is godforsaken and divorced, for in a religious culture one of the great philosophical debates that will define that long age is the question ‘Does God exist.’ We must debate this point because it is in question, which isn’t saying much for religion. This whoring institution must therefore protect itself by inventing doctrines to justify having religion with no god. I have noticed that religion has constructed snares and traps and has dug out pits and the end result is that should the Great Day of YAHWEH arrive, people will begin falling into this pits and getting caught up in those snares.

It is typical of godless religion and every form of idolatry on this planet to include the doctrine of ‘the return of the god.’ They all incorporate this doctrine in one form or another, although none of them deal with the question of why it would be required that a god take off for thousands of years, leave six million Jews to be fried by a disgusting creep, not to mention sundry other assorted horrors, while leaving us with godless religion and those endless philosophical and apologetic debates.

The solution to this problem is to have the Prophet of YAHWEH, such as myself, speak at least once to ever person on the face of the planet. That is very unlikely to ever happen due to the oppression that confronts a Prophet of YAHWEH. This oppression takes the form of religious institutions blockading such a prophet, and it also takes the form of sinful gossips, of which there are so many, confronting a prophet, and then rather than telling a friend who tells a friend who tells a friend, burying that prophet in a hole in the ground. This behavior pattern is similar to how people behave when they are confronted with YAHWEH in person as happened in Saskatoon in the year 2000. They bury the thing into a deep hole because they are unrepentant sinners, and they bring the process of spreading the word to a grinding halt. Thus it is slow going for a prophet of YAHWEH.

Therefore what this means is that a Prophet of YAHWEH must become pragmatic and adapt to actually existing circumstances, and in this presently existing situation, it means that a Prophet of YAHWEH must win the battle after the fact, rather than before the fact.

What this means is that terror, pit and snare await you, Oh Children of Humanity. Anyone who climbs up out of a pit, will step on a trap and become ensnared. Anyone who escapes from the snare, will then fall into the pit. These pits have been dug for you long ago by your religions. The religious right will be catching many people in those snares they have laid. False prophets will gather followers whom they will ruthlessly attack with maniacal visions of horror and fire and torture. Everyone will be wearing fig leafs and becoming very holy, as they are terrorized and attacked by religion and false prophets. They will be punished because they had a prophet of YAHWEH on the planet but they did not listen. It was their neighbor who punished them. If they had the chance to listen to a prophet of YAHWEH, they might have escaped the snare and they might have avoided falling into the pit, but they never had a chance, for time ran out and the Great Day of YAHWEH came upon them suddenly and quite unexpectedly.