Sunday, September 2, 2007

Elmer Gantry

You can tell when some civilization has reached a really rotten state of decay when a wolf among the sheep does not even bother trying to dress up in a sheep skin. Yes, in better times a wolf would never be seen out in public unless it was dressed in sheep’s clothing, and in the same way we would expect a ‘family values’ preacher to appear in public disguised as a real baby loving chap. When such a huckster does not even make the attempt to pretend to like babies, then you know that something is really fucking wrong with the world, and it must be that moral decay has become so all pervasive that the atmosphere of cynicism, pessimism and demoralization has created the conditions wherein wolves are seen without lamb skins, because, after all, why bother because who gives a damn anymore.

Now I am a shrewd judge of human character, and so it was that I knew, years ago, that if I set up a javascript counter and started ticking off the count of the daily toll of starved little babies, I could be sure that I would catch a wolf in my snare, because you see that wolf I knew didn’t care, and wasn’t about to start caring just because someone was counting, and watching. The wolf has become arrogant, and while he loves a fetus, or so we are led to believe by the great moral crusades of Elmer, that hustler, he really doesn’t lose much sleep over the sufferings of babies, because you see he really is not a baby loving chap.. For this reason we have never seen Elmer out on the stump drumming up support for the cause of the care of nurture of babies, because Elmer really doesn’t give a damn. He is just a hustler on the look out for a room full of rubes whom he can hustle and take to the cleaners with his act. Apparently they aren’t to fussy, those gullible rubes, because Elmer is just not a baby loving chap, he is just a wolf and you can tell that he is a wolf just by noting that he is a wolf since it is apparent due to his lack of sheep skin cover. But Elmer has not been worried as the years went by, and the counter clicked away, because you see no one gives a damn and moral decay has set in and no one gives a damn, so a slick hustler like Elmer has little to worry about, and he knows it.

At least those middle of the road churches got real busy for a year or two, before they finally threw in the towel and gave up in hopeless despair. This is more than can be said of Elmer who never did a damn thing. But then as I have always said, there just isn’t much to be said for Elmer, the family preacher. But that is fine because I like my transparent frauds to be transparent because a naked wolf is just so much easier to deal with. I already have enough hard work to do, so I appreciate it when an easy mark comes along.

Yes, Elmer is such an arrogantly confident wicked fuck that it was not required that even bother to throw some leaves out to cover up the trap and snare. You see, I am a shrewd judge of human character and I knew that just leaving the trap out in the open would do just fine when it came to trapping up such an arrogant and totally rotten fuck as Elmer. You see not only are the wicked arrogant, they are also brain dead fools. All that was required was to toss out the naked snare and then leave Elmer to feel free to walk right over it just as though I was laying out some red carpet for Elmer.

Yes, Elmer, the family values preacher is a baby loving chap, as you can tell by that hucksters great concern when it comes to aborted fetuses, but he isn’t such a baby loving chap when it comes to late stage abortions, as you can tell by his indifference to the plight of the suffering little tykes. He is Elmer Gantry, you see, a huckster, a wolf with no sheep skin, and he really doesn’t give a damn.

You see, Elmer really is fearless, godless son of a bitch, the penultimate hypocritical Pharisee, and I knew that, which then explains just how well that little stunt worked out for me, for Elmer, being the dumb shit that he was, did not know enough to reach out for a sheep skin and thus provide himself with that all important protective cover which is required in moral times, and which Elmer apparently believes is no longer required.

Yes, Elmer really is a stupid reckless shit, but even a dumb fucker can get smartened up in one hell of big fucking hurry, since all that is required is that someone pick themselves up out of the dust into which they have been trampled, and start once again to give a damn, in which case he is fucked.