Friday, September 14, 2007

The Great Day of YAHWEH

As the prophet of YAHWEH, the preacher of the Garden of Eden, my task is to clear a path for YAHWEH so that YAHWEH God of Hosts can return to this planet without the danger of an explosion of religion being the end result. It would be such a pity for God to have been such a ruthless merciless bastard for ages of time, only to have religion climb up out of the dust, claim the crown of victory, and get everyone on the planet crushed for another two thousand years, which appears to be about the minimum amount of time it would take to get rid of something like religion.

So therefore my goal is to allow YAHWEH to become supremely pissed off at this planet, so that what happened in Saskatoon, on the Monday after Easter Sunday, in the year 2000, can happen on a much grander scale, in a release of much greater pent up indignation and wrath, all over this planet all at once.

In order to clear a path through the wilderness on this planet, it is required that I destroy the credibility of your religions, and that I make known the knowledge of YAHWEH, and that I explain the past and that I predict the course of future events in general terms. I say ‘general terms’ because unlike those dogmatic church prophets I do not believe that somehow the future is fixed and that ‘prophecy’ is thus fatalistic but rather prophecy is fluid and dynamic and consists of predicting outcomes based upon currently existing trends, and that prophecy can become ‘false’ if a prophet should be lucky enough to become a ‘false prophet’ and pulls a rabbit out of a hat, thus causing a change in present circumstances which then leads to a change in outcome in the future. ‘Prophecy’ therefore is a matter of calculating the probability that certain future events will occur, and it is not simply a matter of constructing dogmatic constructs which then must happen because they were dogmatic constructs and thus were considered unquestionable doctrine.