Monday, September 3, 2007

Packing Knives

Most people don’t do any great big sins, and for this reason it has always been necessary to brainwash human beings in order to do be able to get away with doing great big sins. Great big sins must become righteous deeds before they can receive broad public support, and therefore the art of brainwashing has always consisted of convincing human beings that some great big sin was actually an act of righteousness.

Most people disapprove of great big sins and for this reason most people think of themselves as righteous, and the small sins that they might be doing they think of as being inconsequential.

I was a very precocious pubescent revolutionary homo kid and even school yard beatings was not enough to bully me into dropping my revolutionary agenda to live my life, because the alternative, a joyless life, was to terrible for me to contemplate.

There was something very charismatic about the sight of some teenaged homo who stood his ground, and for that reason it was probably inevitable that sooner or later a boy or two would come out of the woodwork and be drawn towards me. Thus began the awkward ritual, where out of entrenched fear of knives driven into backs some awkward teenaged kid would carefully and cautiously beat around the bush as it were, and given how I was also in the grips of the same fear of knives I would respond with deep suspicion for you just never knew if someone was getting ready to spring a trap and then drive a knife deep into your back. Not much therefore ever came of these awkward moments. Neither one of us could speak frankly because like so many human beings we have been trained by the bitter experience of having everyone around us packing knives to be very very untrusting and cautious around other human beings lest we be betrayed and become the vicious target of that salacious gossip that would then spread like bon bon treats being handed around that everyone could suck on and enjoy.

Even something which is not a sin can be made into a sin simply by having people packing knives. If everyone knows that, for example, you watched a porno and jacked off, and if everyone was ready to plunge a dagger in your back in response to the revelation, then suddenly jerking off would become a sin, a secret sin and a source of guilt. The reason for this is because human beings are social creatures and acceptance by the group is vital to them. It is this simple process of packing knives and the threat of excommunication that is the driving motive force for the creation of all those piles of religious bullshit we see in the world around us. Religion is not caused by mental stupidity it is caused by peer pressure, plain and simple, and it is through the process of having the priest pack that first knife that the practice of packing those knives of religion spreads throughout the planet like a viral plague. It is a simple process, and there is not much to it, and once such a thing takes hold it becomes difficult to wipe off the face of the planet because to be the first to stand up to the crowd would be the first to get nailed by a volley of flying knives aimed at the sinner, the sinner here being the one who did nothing more than violate the rules of conduct dictated by nothing more than peer pressure.

An understanding of how this process works reveals that there is a relationship between the sinful thing known as religion, which its irrational and twisted concepts of morality, and the incorrigible practice of gossiping, for you see the beginning of religion is simply some gossiping priest, attempting to employ the shaming technique and peer pressure to establish a taboo enforced by nothing more than peer pressure. Such perverse conduct then results in the perverse irrationally twisted ‘moral’ codes we see in our religions.

The so called small sin of salacious gossip does more than just polluting the planet with idiotic religion, it also destroys the personal lives of the people who live on this planet. It may be a pleasure to drive a knife into the back of some victim of salacious gossip but in the end such a practice comes back to bite people in the ass. No one can be a human being, they must hide their so called dark and secret sins, because everyone is packing knives. It isn’t much a way to live, but just try to get people to stop their filthy gossiping and put away those fucking knives. For some fucked up reason it is considered fun to gossip and scandal monger and people just will not stop, even though that dirty practice has completely fucked up the planet, loading it down with stone aged religion and traps and snares for human beings who might be longing to just live their lives in freedom but who cannot. No one can trust anyone, and we must approach each other with caution. We must not reveal to much. We all have so much to hide. We all miss so many opportunities in our lives because we know that everyone around is packing knives. We must be repressed. We must oppress ourselves which is what we wind up doing when we participate in the form oppression of everyone else, known as gossip.

So you can see that there are two victims of scandal mongering and bad gossip, the target of that knife in the back and the gossips themselves who must in their turn pay the price by living repressed lives out of fear of knives. Given the damage done to the planet by the gossip phenomenon we can also see that gossip is not some small sin, but is actually one of the great sins, as the tremendous toll it has taken on human freedom under the enslavement of phony religion for ages of time proves so very well.