Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Outrage at Religion

It seems good to me to put into words the depth of my outrage and anger that I feel whenever I think about religion.

Could there be anything more offensive on the face of this godforsaken earth than the sight of religion going about doing its thing, while it is a religion without God?

A display of stubborn recalcitrance like that just infuriates me. I don't want even one more human child to look out into the darkness and face that fear of the yawning chasm of eternal blackness and death which is the product of religion. Religion without God is not the cure for that yawning fucking chasm, but the root cause. And that makes me supremely pissed off.

For years and years I have walked around like an old widow, dressed in black, with a black veil over my face, mourning because of the ruin of these people, these prisoners locked up in the gloomy dungeon. There really isn't one hell of a lot of love to be found in the heart of our religion nor is their a trace of genuine compassion to be found that fucking place. She is one stubborn bitch, religion is, and the children can sit and cower in the darkness, while that rebellious whore of a thing stubbornly preaches her doctrines and her dogmas, as though such doctrines and dogmas were what were precious on this planet. This certainly seems to be true of her, and she will not repent, nor will she open the door a crack.

She has doctrines and she has dogma, but she has no God, but she does have a pile of fucking bullshit theology to explain how some divorced whore is still, somehow, to be thought of as a married woman. Well I say fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her. I am getting so fucking angry at religion. Do righteous people slam doors in the face of the human race?