Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Prophet of YAHWEH

I call myself the prophet of YAHWEH, preacher of the Garden of Eden, a lovers paradise, where all great lovers of humanity are free to love their many lovers in a naked paradise. There are those loveless souls who have been completely ruined by their life in this world who will find this idea to be very deeply offensive. This does not say much for their religion which is a religion which creates people who are not lovers of humanity and therefore will not be found in Gardens but will be found in a sterile loveless sexless place like Heaven, while peddling fig leafs as a sign of righteousness and condemning my lovely Garden as obscene for what else can loveless souls do? To do otherwise would be to confront their own loveless souls and so therefore I would expect to find such loveless souls confronting a Prophet of YAHWEH while destroying Gardens, for, you see, if they cannot go to the Garden no one else is going either.

Because I am a genuine Prophet of YAHWEH I am very oppressed all the time, and I find that I must start over again, over and over and over again, right from the very beginning with each and every person I encounter. Yes, its back to the beginning to start over again, over and over and over again. So therefore, for the benefit of anyone who might stumble upon this blog, and know nothing at all, I will point you in a few directions here to get some background. There are two posts in the September Archive which are relevant here – ‘A trail of bread crumbs’, which is a brief collection of bits of strange evidence that one would expect to see if someone was a Prophet of YAHWEH, and also ‘The Silver Bullet’ which is a creepily weird piece of evidence which one might find around a true genuine Prophet of YAHWEH when you remember that any real Prophet of YAHWEH is bound to be followed in hot pursuit by some furiously pissed off fig leaf peddling snake. There is also a third, and much more important, piece of evidence that I am indeed a Prophet of YAHWEH and that is my mouth. It is quite a mouth. It is a memorable mouth, and I think you will find it hard to forget.