Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I tell people the story of how I went looking for YAHWEH God and received an answer at Banff National Park. First I prayed three times and got no answer. It was then that I felt something like ice cold water which seemed to ‘rain down’ from the top of the inside of my head. It then overflowed down the back of my neck, and then suddenly to my shocked surprise my neck muscles began to contract and my head was involuntarily lifted upwards. There in the sky above me was this luminous stationary circular object. The object suddenly accelerated and disappeared behind a small patch of cloud a short distance away, and then the cloud dissolved, and there was nothing there. It resembled a magic stunt. The object then reappeared a minute or two later, rising above the tops of the pines, this time much more brilliant and much closer, and because of refraction it appeared to have four long spikes of light radiating out of it and the humidity in the air caused it to appear as though it was surrounded by a shimmering rainbow.

I wrote a letter to a B.C. magazine and they published a sketch of this object. (Link to the scanned gif images are here The cover ... Page One ... Page Two My letter begins with the words, "Sir. The night of August 18th, 1974...etc) I also made an animation of the stationary object that darted into the cloud. (Link to the Real Media File ).