Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I Will Restore the Fortunes of Sodom

I thought it might be interesting to share this little bit of ‘pro-gay activism’ from the ancient world of the Bible. And, yes, although you would never know it based upon accumulated ages of religious doctrine, there is a ‘pro-gay’ slant to the Bible, to conflict with those contradictory gay bashing passages that get most of the attention.

I call this the ‘last days end times fag prophecy’, and for some reason this bit never makes it into those ‘Left Behind’ videos, which is curious, because you think that those end timers would want to be alerted to be on the look out for a big time fag.

"I will restore the fortunes of Sodom and I shall restore yours at the same time. When you bring them comfort you will bear your shame and feel disgraced for what you have done. After your sister Sodom becomes what she was of old, then you yourself will be restored likewise. Did you not speak contemptuously of your sister Sodom in the days of your arrogant pride, before your own wickedness was exposed? Even now you are finding out what it is like to be despised by all your neighbors. Now you must bear the consequences of your lewd and abominable conduct. I shall treat you as you deserve for you have violated the terms of your covenant. You will remember your past conduct and feel ashamed and humiliated so that you will never open your mouth again. This is the Word of Yahweh God." (Ezekiel chapter 16 verse 53)

What you read here obviously conflicts with that bit written down by ‘Jude’ in the Christian part of the Bible, and who was, so they try to tell us, the cousin of Jesus, and being his close relative and all, therefore that would make him an expert on homos, whom he assures us all are even now burning forever in the blackest pits of hell as a warning to everyone else still alive of the severe punishments awaiting anyone else who might become a queer.

It is obvious that when dealing with those innumerable contradictions in the Bible Christians just go with their own book on the theory that it is the most recent and updated version and thus must be the Word of God for that reason alone. Given how perfect Christian documents are one would expect to find God agreeing with Christians, so that everyone would say, ‘Behold, the Christians and their God is with them.’ What we get instead is a bunch of Christians with a freeze dried old document but no god whatsoever, at least not that anyone has ever seen for long ages of time. Rather what we get are apologetics, which is required when you don’t have a god and therefore the task of getting people to think you have one must be outsourced. We also get those infamous Christian lectures on philosophy (the top seven reasons to believe that God exists, even when it sure doesn’t seem to be true). No parting of the Pacific Ocean or treading down mountains for the Christians. As everyone knows they have been alone with nothing but some old book and no god to speak of for a very, very long time, which then allows us to conclude that while Christians do so carry on about the perfection of the very hawkishly religious right documents they voted on in the fourth century, apparently they have had one hell of a time convincing God to think the same way about their handiwork, even though they have had thousands of years to make the attempt.