Monday, September 10, 2007

NonAbstinent UnChastity

Monogamy is typically preached by religious moralists as the only solution to the ethical problems of having some snake in the Garden. Our moralists are also inveterate liars in that they insist that monogamous nuclear family structures were original when actually they are anomalous, and over the course of human history close to 80 percent of human sexual relationships have been in forms other than monogamous. Human beings are naturally tribal and by nature are polygamous, and monogamy is alien to human beings, as can be proven by the need to preach, threaten, nag and attempt to force human beings to be monogamous, since monogamy is the unnatural invention of a social system that abandoned the tribe in favor of the novel concepts of me, mine and I, and thus was created the notion of private property and those boxed in monogamous cages which are designed not only to box in people but all their precious accumulated possessions as well.

Perhaps for some people monogamy might be something they might want to do, although, truth be told, it is unlikely, over the long term, to prove to be a viable solution, for no human being is genuinely monogamous, which then explains all those sermons and all the pressure and endless constant nagging that is required so as to promote something as alien as monogamy to a naturally polygamous primate such as a human being.

The argument in favor of monogamy can be demonstrated to be false by simply demonstrating that there are alternatives that provide satisfactory solutions to all the moral and ethical dilemmas of life in the Garden shared with some snake. Each of these solutions has the one additional virtue not possessed by such an artificial creation as monogamy, in that they do not involve peddling the nonsensical fig leaf of some snake in the Garden, a practice which, as we know, is closely associated with monogamy and with the religions of this world as well, all of which are quite clearly seen to be fig leaf peddling snakes.

Examples of such alternatives would include the closed polygamous circle, which resembles monogamy, in that it is a closed system, but which is polygamous and thus more closely in tune with the actual desires of authentic human nature. Always in vogue is serial monogamy, with or without the cycle of formal marriage followed by formal divorce, which is only required to keep up appearances by appearing to be monogamous and thus following the rules.