Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dick Knobs

As I mentioned in a previous post on this subject, most of the true eroticism of human sexuality is not found in mechanical piston pumping but rather is found in the human face. For this reason I always felt that I had something to complain about when it came to porn where I get bombarded with impersonal mechanical body parts far to often thus causing me to be grateful for the invention of fast forward, while at the same time causing me to lose my woodie while I look for something human that might throw a log onto the fire and fuel some fantasy when I jerk off.

However I have noticed that there is this one impersonal body part that I do like and that is a shot of a dick knob looking at it from the top down view. For some reason that really turns me on. I just never seem to get sick of those top down looking dick knob shots. Sometimes the only redeeming value in some porn flick might be one or two or three top down looking dick knob shots, which then causes me to wish that I could just edit that whole porn flick down to just those two or three top down looking dick knob shots and make one small file and just throw the rest of that porn flick into cyber oblivion, or wherever bits and bytes go when you dump the trash can on your drive thus getting rid of something once and for all. Now not just any dick knob turns me on, but it has to be a swollen dick knob and looking down at it from the top down view. That turns me on, even though it is an impersonal dick knob, this being the only mechanistic body part bit in porn that does a damn thing for me. Those shots of some hard cock with a soft small dick knob don’t do a thing for me, but the swollen dick knob top down shot, that I really like. This causes me to think that some guys don’t show respect for their audience in that instead of doing without sex for three days before a porno shoot, thus making sure they could get a very swollen dick knob, they showed up with some tired out dick to make a porn flick, which is very inconsiderate of the feelings of people in the audience such as myself who really wanted to see a swollen dick knob looking down from the top and instead got stuck with that other shrunken dick knob shot instead, which did nothing for me, because it was a shrunken dick knob.

In keeping with that blogger ideal of sharing all about my true secret self with the whole world through my web blog I just thought that I would share with everyone this bit about how much I like top down shots of swollen dick knobs.