Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I have been doing some thinking here, and it has occurred to me that perhaps it was not a fig leaf peddling snake who wrote pervert on my word processor, but that it could in fact have been YAHWEH who wrote ‘pervert’ just to clue me in and let this brain dead moron know that I just look like a pervert to you people.

It is my practice to not erase my traces. I do not use the delete button and I usually leave all my fuck ups out for the world to see. However the last thing in the world I need is to encourage people to be perverts, because this planet is already fucked up enough as it is.

Now let me explain my psychological motivations for being so shocking and brutally frank in writing about sex. It is motivated by a fury against religion and the deep hatred against God that religion creates in the human heart. If you wanted to invent someway to make the human heart overflow with ever lasting hatred towards God, there is no better way to accomplish this task that I can think of than to create a bare ass and then create a ‘temptation’ which will have to be resisted lest a ruthless bully come around and soak you with gasoline and then throw a fucking match onto the gasoline because you failed to resist that temptation. When I think about that fucked up thing known as religion, and in particular when I think about the Roman Catholic Church, the mother of such fuck ups, my frustration and fury with those dogmatic fuck ups and the years and years of stubbornly unrepentant pointless dogmatism coming from that godless godforsaken place known as a church, a great anger rises up inside me. I want to ram the biggest pie on earth right into the face of that church and just leave them to sit there and wait and maybe, just maybe, after two thousand years of being godforsaken and deserted perhaps a god of some kind or another might show up with a towel and wash the pie off the face of that fucked up place. It does seem rather unlikely.

Think of two thousand years of religion as being a scientific experiment. We can see that even if you repeat that same fucking experiment over and over and over again for two thousand fucking fucking years you get the same fucking fucking results each time. Let me spell it out for you. This great monstrous dragon opens its mouth and all of humanity is invited to march into the maw of that waiting dragon and to be devoured by the flames of its mouth and disappear forever into eternal endless nonexistence. A worse and more cruel punishment for a church I cannot imagine, and what is worse, is that even something that monstrous is not enough to get a church to repent. And that is something that just infuriates me, and it brings out outrageous conduct in me.

Who can ever say enough about the cruelty of religion, that old neglected whore. I have these images in my mind of a small child, like the child I once was, staring into the darkness of endless eternal blackness of nonexistence, while looking up at the sky and thinking about the cruel and vicious nature of any possible god like being that might exist, although there would be no way of knowing for sure one fucking way or the other, and as I ponder these images my fury just builds and builds inside of me, growing in intensity, as I think about that heartless, godless, rebellious, arrogant, deceitful thing known as a church.