Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Prayer Warrior

I keep telling people ‘I am the prophet of YAHWEH, preacher of the Garden of Eden,’ and they keep telling me, ‘No, you are not!’ I keep telling them I called down YAHWEH at Banff National Park, and they keep telling me, ‘No, you did not!’

Therefore, for this reason, it seemed good to me to introduce everyone to Adam, for it was that little naked Adam with no fig leaf who called down YAHWEH at Banff, and perhaps if they knew who the prayer warrior was who performed this Herculean feat then perhaps for the first time they might, maybe, just maybe, be able to understand that, yes, it is possible for someone to split the heavens with a prayer if the right person is doing the praying.

Yes, I was YAHWEH’s .little Adam, YAHWEH’s delightful little naked Adam with no fig leaf. There was no one on earth who prayed to YAHWEH in just exactly the right way that YAHWEH loved to be prayed, too. That’s why I am so special, you see.

Let me tell you when this little homo boy got out of the boy’s locker room after gym class, I almost never missed even one time to drop down on my knees and thank God in a truly sincere prayer. There was so much to be thankful in prayer for, this being the Garden of Eden, or at least one small slice of the Garden, and about as much of the Garden of Eden as a person could ever find on this fucked up planet. Even so, just a small slice of paradise was more than enough to get this boy down on my knees, and I was thanking God in reverential prayer, and I was so thankful that I was a homo boy and I wanted to be a homo boy forever and ever.

Oh, it was like a candy shop for homo boys in that boy’s locker room after gym class, with row upon row of candy of all different kinds lined up in jars. I wanted one of each kind, too. There was puffy round butt cheek, and the furry butt cheek, the saucy butt cheek, the tall thin Adam, the broad muscular Adam, the smooth Adam and the furry Adam. There was so many kinds, and I knew that I would never be getting bored, and something like that is worth a prayer or two, and more than that, too, let me tell you.

Yes that naked little Adam with no fig leaf on was pumping up his prayer muscles for about three years, becoming a prayer warrior, the one who was ready to split the heavens wide open with his powerful prayers when he got to Banff National Park.

YAHWEH loves Adam, with the same passion that Adam loves God and with the same glorious joy with which Adam loves his friends, those heart stopping sexy buck naked little Adams with no fig leafs on.

I thought it would be good to introduce everyone to little naked Adam, the boy wonder, the prayer warrior of Banff National Park, and maybe, just maybe, if they met little Adam, perhaps they might find it more believable that YAHWEH God loved that little Adam with such a passion that the heavens split wide open. That really is what happened, and if you knew why it happened, maybe that would help you to get a fuller picture in your mind so that perhaps for the first time you might actually understand.