Saturday, September 8, 2007

Islam - fig leaf peddling snake

Islam is another one of those religions that has existed for ages of time without any god, or at least no god that the world would recognize. Such gods we would expect to see parting oceans, perhaps, or treading down mountains, or doing something, anything at all to let us know that they were gods. But alas the deeds of an idol are nonexistent and so therefore we have godless religion as a substitute, and therefore we have Muslims doing the work of Allah, since apparently Allah found it necessary to outsource all the ruthless oppression and the attacks on human beings for simply being human beings. Just this week some Muslim fanatics sawed the head off two women in Pakistan whom they accused of being sexually loose women. Apparently Allah was preoccupied, but then Allah has been busy elsewhere for 1400 years and so that is nothing new.

If we ‘accept Islam’, as we are so often invited to do, we could all walk around covered in sacks with peep holes for our eyes, while crazed fanatics gun people down with shot guns because they caught them fucking and so they were offered up as another one of those human sacrifices that Muslims feed to their hungry idol. We could all then pretend that we so love that ruthless old bugger who rules over it all by bending down snout first to the earth to show our humble submission.

As for those of us who are not Muslims, but just said that we were Muslims so they wouldn’t hack us with the sword of Islam, we could hide out at home, behind our closed doors, heave a huge sigh of relief, and spend some private secret time living our hidden human lives while we enjoy the forbidden luxury of not being a Muslim protected by the safety of the four walls in the privacy of our own homes, provided that those fanatics do not bust into our homes by kicking the door down and catch us at it. Here we can see that life as a Muslim nation would be like buying lottery tickets every day, for there are so many private homes, and those fanatics can only boot the door down in so many private homes on any given day, so perhaps we can not be a Muslim in the privacy of our own homes and not get our ticket punched because our number did not come up.

I call myself the Prophet of YAHWEH, preacher of the Garden of Eden, and I speak of a lovely garden paradise where we could find Adam and Even without the fig leaf, living with the God of lovers in a lover’s paradise. Now there are many things that can be found about religion that is deeply offensive, but there is one thing that can be said about my preaching and that is that it is not offensive, or at least it should not be offensive, for what human being in their right frame of mind would turn down a chance to love their many lovers in an enchanted lovers paradise. For some damned reason this idea is offensive to Muslims, who wish to not only deny themselves the fun and the joy of a lovers paradise but also want to saw the heads off any lovers they find. Apparently they prefer rituals such as bowing snout down in humble submission before some cruel ruthless son of bitch, who creates tempting temptations only to crush the dreams and break the hearts of humanity by sending out Muslims with saws and knives to make damn sure that no one becomes intoxicated with the allure of those tempting temptations. If this is not the definition of a son of a bitch I do not know what would be, but apparently Muslims, who hate lovers and who despise the lovers paradise, much prefer the holiness of bowing snout down to the ground in submission to that son of a bitch. There is only one thing to be said for that bastard Allah and bowing snout down before that ruthless prick and that is that it is better than burning in hell. At least you can avoid that dreadful fate, and even if you cannot walk through fields of lilies embracing your many lovers in a lovers paradise, which is something which would thrill a human heart, at least you will not be in hell.

Not being in hell seems to be about the only positive thing I can think of to say about something as demented and screwed up as Islam and its Koran, since loving your lovers in a lovers paradise would be so much better than ‘accepting Islam’, so much so that I can only see someone ‘accepting Islam’ just to get out of going to hell, there being so little positive to be said about the life of human slavery that follows Islam.. If you accept Islam you will survive, even though you will never really live, for you see that fig leaf peddling snake doesn’t love lovers and hates paradise, which then explains all those sacks covering Eve and those knives sawing off the heads of Adam or Eve, should those two lovers in paradise fall into the hands of those who have become deranged by just one more godforsaken religion.