Friday, September 14, 2007

The Strategic Map

I have been down in the Battle Room studying the strategic war maps, and the most probable scenario when war breaks out on this planet, is that religion will land storm troopers on the beaches of Normandy, and then the Waffen SS of religion will take advantage of the highly desirable strategic situation to launch a sudden Blitzkrieg over those undefended fields of France.

What this means is that a Prophet of YAHWEH, and any small army I might be able to cobble together, will find ourselves on the defensive, and our strategic dilemma will be to find a way to first, halt a Blitzkrieg, then roll back an advancing army, until finally even the bridge head is destroyed and the enemy is thrown back into the sea where he came from.

This is a less than desirable strategic situation confronting us, but it is a battle we cannot lose. Our ancestors lost the war with the fig leaf peddling snake again and again, and the result is plain and clear. It was ages of time locked up in dungeons in total darkness, without so much as a window to let in a single ray of light, with only some morphine peddling priest for company.