Thursday, September 6, 2007

Perverted Pies

I thought I would post a red flag warning that if you proceed ahead in this blog you may get rudely slammed in the face by a tossed perverted sounding pie. Now previously I mentioned that one reason why I was tossing such a pie was out of anger at religion and a wish to be provocative. It has occurred to me that there was a second motivation for my tossing of perverted sounding pies, and this motive was probably more compelling as a driving force than the former explanation.

I am like a barn storming preacher ready to go out crusading around the nation, while pounding a pulpit and damning that most damnable of sins that so pisses me off – gossip, the destroyer of worlds.

People build dungeons, the lay brick upon brick, they make the walls thick, like the walls of a mighty fortress, and then everyone must enter in and dwell in the depths of this dungeon. What comes around goes around. Today the gossiper, tomorrow the gosipee.

Everyone has these all to human little quirks and kinks, those dreadful little secrets that no one must ever know, and therefore to protect ourselves from the flying knives and from the barbs of those razor edged tongues, everyone must live secretive hidden lives. No one must ever know, and the thought that somehow they might find out is just dreadful.

For this reason I thought I would be provocative and toss a few kinks into a shopping cart, in the hopes that these few items might be enough to satisfy any gossip who might stop by. Hopefully what is tossed into that cart will be enough to satisfy because I don’t want to toss such pies anymore and instead I wish to move on to doing other things, now that I have done my bit to satisfy the salacious, who might have been wondering to themselves just what kind of muck might be dug up around my pad. Consider each perverted pie to be a gift from me to you.