Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Brent Corrigan

The new home of Brent Corrigan

I call myself ‘the prophet of YAHWEH’, and ‘the preacher of the Garden of Eden’, and one of my big projects at the present time is evangelizing porn stars. (Links : My first attemptMy second attempt which I think was an improvement Sean Lockhart (Part Four) : Do I like porn? (Part Five) : Come join me in the Garden

Now someone might ask why I am now evangelizing porn stars and I would answer that I am working on this project right now because I am a moron. If I was a little sharper then I would have been evangelizing porn stars first and foremost, starting years ago, but because I am a little slow on the uptake I first spent fruitless years trying to evangelize churches instead. I am hoping that evangelizing porn stars will turn out to be much easier than evangelizing churches and won’t take years and years as is the case with evangelizing churches. This should prove to be the case since with a porn star you do not have the problem of first struggling to get rid of the fig leaf they have been using to cover their dicks and their pussies, and with a church you can spend years trying to remove the fig leaf, and get nowhere at the end of it all, because this is church and at church they consider that fig leaf to be their holiest of all things, and something definitely not to be screwed around with, and certainly never to be removed. For this reason I could never get around to evangelizing churches because I remained bogged down in that project of first removing that fig leaf and since this fig leaf removal is the prerequisite to successful evangelization I was never able to reach so much as square one with churches. With porn stars I have a running start because there is no fig leaf which means that I can get right down to business and start evangelizing porn stars right away, thus saving myself years and years of time and, yes, probably accomplishing something for the very first time in my life.

As part of my work I spent time attempting to understand porn stars by researching their internet presence in the form of personal blogs, and at the end of it all my search led me to Brent Corrigan. Not only was their one hell of a soap opera surrounding that fellow but it was also possible by using his blogs and by gathering together all the other traces of his presence scattered over the internet to begin to get a well formed picture of a real genuine living human being, which is exactly what I was hoping to discover when I began my search.

I discovered Adam, and I also discovered that Adam was involved in a big struggle to ditch the fig leaf while at the same time battling with the fig leaf peddling snake. Of course, being the prophet of YAHWEH I had to intervene and one of the purposes of my intervention was to build a high towering wall of protection around ‘Brent Corrigan’, and I am satisfied with the results. There still may be those who come up against him, but they will not prevail. If they do prevail they will prevail for a very short time because I will be back and that will be the end of their prevailing.

Now when Adam requires the services of an exterminator he should not try to do the job himself but rather he should call upon the services of a trained professional. If you had a leaky roof you wouldn’t try to fix the place yourself, but rather you would call for an experienced roofer. In the same way someone who requires the services of a professional snake batter, since the proper way to deal with fig leaf peddling snakes is to smack their skulls with a baseball bat. This might seem easy enough but you still need the services of a trained professional, someone who knows the snake in its natural habitat, its habits and ways, and thus can track down that snake, for you cannot bash in the head of fig leaf peddling snake if you don’t know where the snake is hiding out. It just logically follows.