Friday, August 31, 2007


When I was a young gay kid I passionately loved those guys I went to school with, even though they could act like bastards in their great panic stricken rush to prove to everyone in sight that they were quite normal guys, the evidence being that, as everyone knew, they pounded the fag. This was the safest thing to do at the time.

Even so, it was just impossible to pound the love out of me, and it was just as impossible to pound out of me the desire to have sex with those guys I loved so much, and to prove to them just how passionately I felt for them by sending them away from a sexual encounter with me staggering, and all wobbly and knock kneed. Whether they were straight or gay, did not make any difference to me, I loved them all, and I was quite convinced that even those straight guys would be wobbly in the knees when I got through with them, and they strongly suspected this to be the case as well, which then explains all the beatings confused young adolescent boys felt the need to dish out, for they had been lied to and bullshitted by a society which told them that no real man would ever be like they were or feel the confused feelings that they did.

Yes, I loved those guys, and there was no better way to show deep affection for another living breathing human being than to pour your heart and soul into having sex with them, and send them out of the galaxy and off to Andromeda, or even further than that if you could hone your skills and become good enough.

Yes, as soon as I hit puberty and sprouted that first patch of pubes, being the sensible and level headed kid that I was, I made it my goal to become history’s greatest lover. My goal, simply put, was this – the super duper orgasm. Damn I loved those guys and somehow, someway, they were going to be having super duper duper orgasms, You see I loved them just that much, loved them till the end of all time, until the sun went Nova and until the last star in heavens height burnt out, and then, long long after that would I be loving them, so great was my passionate loving affection for those guys.

Now being a pubescent adolescent I had some concerns about reaching my goal, because I was wise enough to understand that even the great masters were once apprentices. This thought fucked up my plans, because I did not want to waste any time giving a few guys moderate orgasms as I learned the ropes. My great secret dream was that perhaps I might be the Mozart of sex, a child prodigy, a real virtuoso. Now I was realistic enough to know that such brilliant child prodigies were quite rare, and given the high odds, as much as I was hoping that perhaps I might be Mozart, the child sexual prodigy, the odds were kind of stacked against me, and I would probably wind up being just Brent, the apprentice.

Fortunately there is no such thing as a really bad orgasm, so it is not like those unfortunate guys who were my study guides would walk away from the encounter feeling totally ripped off, as I slowly climbed my way to the top. They just wouldn’t get it as good as some of those later guys were going to get it, and who knows, perhaps I might run into them again later in life and thus have a second chance to make up for my past mistakes.

That Miserable Bastard, God

Now miserable damned bastards are known to be such bastards by their behavior patterns, one of which is to scowl and huff and puff should one young boy give another young boy such a powerful orgasm that the young boy, after soaring through the galaxy and out into the nether reaches of space, finally wound up in Andromeda or far point, just depending on how really fucking good that orgasm was. You see miserable damned bastards are pointlessly and senselessly cruel fuckers, and so therefore they would be found bitching and complaining about that intensely lovely and beautiful experience.

What this tells us is that miserable damned bastards are completely fucked in the head for while that was an intensely beautiful experience, an experience that a living breathing human being would love so intensely, a miserable damned bastard must find some reason to find something wrong with such a beautiful thing. This can be difficult, but is there no end to creativity when it comes to thinking up some damned reason or another?

Fortunately miserable damned bastards don’t have to work to hard to find a justification for being weird miserable bastards, for you see, God is the biggest and most rotten bastard of them all. This being true, all that remains is to convince everyone that God is just such a bastard and no further justification for actually being a bastard in the first place is required for that very reason.

The Pure of Heart

Yes, we could love each other, and we could show that we love each other by loving each other with something a ruthless bully refers to as ‘purity of heart.’ You see the impure of heart, such as myself, want to make another human being feel wonderful, for no other reason than that they love them, you see, and giving them an intense orgasm is one way to show just how very much they love them, and wish to bond strongly with them, cementing that bond with loving sexuality. Such are the nefarious sexual perversions of the impure of heart. There really isn’t much more than can be said about it than that.

The pure of heart are not like this, and because they are pure, you wouldn’t find them making anyone feel really, really intensely powerfully good, by giving them an orgasm, which would be morally wrong, according to the pure of heart. The pure of heart want to stop that orgasm, and their idea of love would be to perhaps say ‘hello’ or maybe, in complete purity of heart, they could have a warm conversation with you, or some other thing that is not intensely passionately fun and certainly not something that feels wonderfully good. The pure of heart insist that their ideas are the product of one of the daughters of philosophy. If this is true then we should be able to see the pure logic behind their reasoning, and be able to discern a system of philosophy which informs their moral choice to avoid giving someone they loved an orgasm, and instead remain pure in heart by having a genuinely loving conversation with them over dinner instead..

The Law of God

Yes, we could all be free to lift our heads and feel the grass of the earth between our toes, the wind against our skin, and we could experience the passion of living each and every moment in glorious liberty, but first we must ditch that rotten good for nothing bastard, God. Yes, we are told by so many rotten bullying bastards, that God is a rotten bullying bastard, and that like the pricks who claim to believe in such a god, God wants purity of hearts and none of those evil orgasms.

How very, very sad it must be to be religious, and to feel the passionate longing of the heart, and then go off to confession and do rosaries as penance. For the passionate longing of the heart is a sin. I have always found it hard to figure out why the passionate longing of the heart followed by what I would hope to be a super duper orgasm experienced by the one I love so very much was ‘a sin’ since no one has ever really been able to justify that daughter of the philosophers. It seems to me that the only justification that could be cooked up for a weirdo idea like that is that someone said so and therefore shut the fuck up and do what you are told. You see, it was a commandment. The law was laid down. Do what you are told or face prosecution for the crime of disobedience.

That the crime here is disobedience to commandments does not surprise me in the least, since there really isn’t much philosophy to be found in that daughter of philosophy, no cogent and convincing reasonable argument that could be made to overturn the ever so obvious truth of the matter, which is that orgasms feel so very, very good, and that when someone cums like that, they know that you must love them so very very much. After all, its not like you felt so so about them and just showed them how so so you really are by cooking them a dinner and then conversing with them over a filet and a glass Bordeaux. It is hard to conjure up deep passionate love over a filet and a glass of wine. That kind of passion is reserved for the orgasm for obvious reasons. It is on this point that our philosophers have always faltered and stumbled, in that they must make a white sheep into a black sheep, and so therefore we have no philosophy but we have pointless bullying and senseless cruelty instead. Such bullying is required since we do lack a philosophy here and therefore can only force people to do what we say, since there is a slim and very distant hope of ever being able to convince them through reasonable philisophical argument. That would require the existence of philosophy, and so you can see the problem a bully has, since he doesn’t have a philosophy and I do, which is why I win the argument and a bully must resort to forceful bullying instead.

Yes we must ditch the orgasms and the loving passionate embraces we could share with those we love so very much who come into our lives during the time we walk and breath with the grass beneath our feet bathed in the glorious sunshine that illuminates our sojourn on this planet earth. Yes we must ditch all these excessive orgasms, unless somehow we can ditch the ruthless bullying bastard, God, at which time we could heave a huge sigh of relief, and when passionate longing came along we could tour the galaxy, riding on wings of sexual delight, for no other reason than that we simply loved someone so very much, and since we weren’t being locked up in boxes, we were free to love our many lovers whenever the next of our passionately loved lovers came along. This would be easily possible, and most human beings would go for that deal, since we love the idea so very, very much, but first we must ditch that miserable bastard, God.

Therefore I can understand the intense bitterness felt towards God by so very many people, for about the only reason for people to feel miserable and deeply sad down in their hearts is that bullying of that miserable bastard God. With that bastard gone once and for all we could be happy and free and joyous instead.

The Great Love of God

Now religious people are always telling us about the great ‘Love of God,’ who loves us so much that this God must treat us like a fucking miserable bastard would treat us, which is not loving at all. No, that god preached by religion is something I could do without, thank you very much, and if that means that only for a few short days I can walk the earth and feel the grass beneath my feet and the wind on my skin, while embracing anyone I loved without being bullied by a fucking prick, then I would consider that a worthwhile trade off. You see, I don’t have much interest in spending an eternity of time with some miserable bullying disgusting fucking prick, and when I consider just how passionately I could love my lovers, I would rather spend a few brief moments with humanity, whom I love, than spend an eternity with some odious old bastard that I hate. The one is a pleasant thought, tinged with great sadness, because of the shortness of it all, while the other is an unpleasant thought, tinged with an ever greater sadness because of the long lengthy eternity of it all. When you consider this, since living a short time with a lover is pleasant, while God is completely unpleasant, it would be better to live a short time and have no God because the benefits of having a short pleasant life outweigh the living of a completely rotten life forever, since that would have no redeeming benefits.

I can only imagine the deep painful sorrow that must wash over the heart of the truly, truly religious as they sadly tear themselves away from a lover whom they know they will never, ever be able to embrace because it would supremely piss off that ruthless bullying bedroom invading peeping Tom, God. How religious people can keep bitterness out of their hearts long enough to preach about the ‘Love of God’ I will never know, because if I was in their position I would be preaching about that fucking loveless bastard, God, that disgusting bullying fucking prick, God, and you certainly wouldn’t hear me preaching about ‘the Love of God’ because I never received any ‘Love of God’ but I got bullied instead and so that would be what I would preach.

The One True Faith

Yes, that religious god is a bastard, this we know, for the Bible tells us so. Fortunately, we have been so blessed that when in the fourth century a collection of bastards were found to be full of the spirit of god, which then explained why they were such bastards, they voted for bastard books, for otherwise we would be fucked and have wrong doctrines. Thank heavens for the diligence of the holy ghost, for if we had wrong dogmatism, then god would be supremely pissed off, perhaps even for thousands of years, leaving us royally fucked over, but fortunately we have right dogmatism, leaving God in a really good mood, as you can tell, since we haven’t been rubbing God the wrong way for centuries because, thank heavens, we have religion to keep us all on the straight and narrow.

Since we have right doctrines, and know therefore that God is a bastard, this would then explain why God is so very, very good to us, and the fountains of blessing have been flowing like an overflowing stream, such results always being the product of really fucking good dogma. Fortunately God has been in a real good mood since the fourth century, for if God was found to be pissed off then we might find that God was being miserable with us and when someone gets that pissed off it is quite likely that they would become less than fully generous. This would be a disaster, for where would we all be without the lovely graces of God? The marvelous generosity of God to the human race since that time, providing them with something called the plan of salvation and books to read, is more than enough evidence that God was in a really fucking good mood throughout history. The evidence of religion speaks for itself.

Yes, if God was pissed off by bad dogmatism then God might become a fucking miserable scrooge, and then we really would be getting fucked over by God, instead of loved on by God like we have been so deeply loved on by God throughout recorded history, provided that we remained pure of heart and didn’t give anyone a criminal orgasm, thus pissing off God and ruining everything.

One thing that always puzzled me about this great and all surpassing ‘Love of God’ is why it is that God’s love has not been great and all surpassing, but rather God’s love has been scrooge like and miserly to the point of being completely absent from the face of the planet. If God was in a real good mood, and thus felt very, very loving, and thus very, very extraordinarily generous, perhaps God could part the Pacific Ocean at least once each century so that our faith would get a much needed boost. This would be the kind and gentle and very, very generous way to do things, and a big improvement over that strategy of salvation where we are forced to guess whether there is a God and then if we guess the wrong answer some ruthless prick barbeques us for wrong dogmatism. The first idea would preferable, assuming that God is feeling generous.

However if God was feeling pretty much like we would expect a bad miserable bastard to feel, then perhaps we would find God doing such things as sweet fuck all, thus tormenting humanity with the dark nights of the soul, and other such fucking things, while ignoring starved babies and leaving six million Jews (God’s favorite and most chosen people, according to their top billing, although you would never know it) to get tossed in their millions onto some barbeque by a scum bag prick like Hitler, and uncountable and so very very many other such fucking, fucking things. None of this has been particularly loving, but rather it looks to me like the deeds of a miserable fucking bastard.

Therefore, if we blame our conclusions upon reality, rather than dogmatism, what this tells is that either God does not exist, the preferential choice for most people whether they admit to themselves or not, or, if God does exist, God is a miserable bastard, and this would then leave us to assume that God is a bastard for no other reason than that God is just by nature a real fucking bastard or perhaps God had a reason for being such a rotten bastard, such as being real pissed off by our wrong dogmatism. We have been warned repeatedly by religion how it is that people who have a wrong dogmatism get fucked over royally by God, and so therefore it seems good to entertain the possibility, since religion is so damned adamant about that position it causes a person to believe that perhaps there might actually be something to the idea.

No, none of this has been particularly loving (it is just as plain as the nose on your face), nor has the wonderful grace of God been particularly generous in its giftings, and this leads me to draw the inevitable conclusion that God has not been particularly loving or in a particularly good mood for thousands of years, but rather that God has been in a real fucking bad mood, yes God has been a real miserable fucking bastard for thousands of years, as the deeds (or lack thereof) of God so clearly demonstrate. No point could be made more clearly and it leaves me to wonder why anyone would perjure themselves by claiming that God was in a real good mood when the damned good fucking over everyone got for so very very fucking long would strongly suggest that the reverse was true.


According to what the ‘family values’ crowd tells us, there are untold millions of aborted fetuses which are now up in heaven and being raised through childhood by God, you know, just to make up for the fact that the fetus got aborted. This sounds like one hell of a good deal to me, and it makes me wonder why there are all these real baby loving fanatics on the loose who are so damned opposed to abortion and a really lovely idea like that one.

What greater act of genuine human compassion and kindness could anyone ever do to a human baby, than to abort the fetus, so that the kid can bail out of this fucked up fucking place and go up to heaven where it can be raised in a more healthy family environment by God, in person. Like I said, that sounds like one hell of good fucking idea top me, and I just wish that the ‘family values’ crowd would just make up their fucking minds about whether or not they really do passionately love small babies, as they say they do, and if they do love them, then maybe they could prove their love by doing the only decent thing under the present circumstances and sending all those millions of babies off packing so they can be raised in a half decent environment by someone who genuinely loves and nurtures them, like God, instead of by someone who abuses and neglects them, like the ‘family values’ preacher.

Now I speak about what I know here, having been so badly abused by that mob of preachers and their mobs of thoughtless, unconcerned followers. I remember the painful horrors of watching millions of small, helpless starved babies being not aborted, but instead born to go through fucking hell for a few short fucking years in this unbelievably heartless, ruthless civilization, instead of being allowed to be aborted so they could live with God in heaven and be loved and nurtured instead of subjected to such contemptible neglect and cruelty. You never hear a family values preacher carrying on and ranting day after fucking day, year after fucking year about that starved baby problem. The reason for this is that a ‘family values’ preacher is a fucking scum bag piece of fucking shit, and the sadistic treatment meted out to helpless babies by such a transparent phony is just a mirror reflection of the excessive sadism and pointless bullying and cruelty that such a thoroughly rotten completely good for sweet fuck all dirt bag insists on calling the divine religion of God.


I am not monogamous myself, because the idea of not being able to deeply love and cherish and then passionately embrace more than one single solitary human being in my entire fucking life is such a fucked up and detestable idea. So then, because I am so intensely loving, you can understand why I am filled with such loathing for something as reprehensible as life long monogamy.

I base my analysis of the monogamy lifestyle, therefore, not based upon personal experience, but rather upon my observations of other people in my civilization who have for some reason bought into that loveless, fucked up idea, and the following is my attempt to describe what seems to be the mindset of that sterile, loveless crowd.

Now keep in mind, folks, you are going to be able make one single purchase at the butcher shop, and so when you go shopping you really need to become like a very fussy housewife, who carefully inspects each cut of meat. Ideally you would want to go for the triple grade AAA sirloin tip, because if you are only going to enjoy a single steak for the rest of your life, why go for grade B when you can go for grade AAA.

Keep in mind, shoppers, that while you are trolling the aisles there are many other shoppers on the prowl, and so while you may want a real choice sirloin tip, you might have to settle for a round roast with more gristle. If you find that gristle on the round roast to be distasteful, well then you can always gamble and do more shopping, in the hopes of perhaps landing a slab of meat with less gristle. But remember, shoppers, this is a gamble, a roll of the dice, because as you can see the aisles around the meat rack are filled with busy shoppers, and if you turn down a slab of meat because it has X amount of gristle, you could very well wind up getting stuck with a slab containing X + Y gristle. It goes without saying that you would then be royally fucked, and given that hindsight is one hundred percent foresight, it will become crystal clear to you that when you turned down that round roast because of X gristle, that was big fucking mistake that would come back to bite you on the ass later, by haunting you for the rest of your life. Yes, you made your bed and now you must fuck in it, doing with a slab of meat containing X+Y gristle, simply because you didn’t know when to fold and walk away from the craps table.

It has been said that monogamy is preferable to polygamy because it is the morally pure choice. I for one sure can’t see it, for you see, being a polygamist that I am, I am less concerned about gristle, and you would never hear me gossiping away about gristle or grading slabs of meat as is the custom, I have noticed, among those who have bought into that weirdo monogamy idea. Its not like it was the largest piece of gristle I ever saw in my life, so large in fact, that the piece of gristle loomed up over every other thing until finally all I could think about was that one piece of gristle, while musing on the disgusting thought of being stuck with such a piece of gristle forever. I am polygamous, and for that reason I am more generous and giving. I am also not filled with that same beef grading lewdness that is so characteristic of a monogamous society and seems to spew out of its every orifice, since lewdness, and not moral values, is the final product produced by that pointless cruelty and senseless bullying peddled as moral virtue, life long monogamy.


Apparently I am Hitler. I don’t much resemble Hitler, because I am a very warm and loving polygamous fag, who loves those guys with such a passion that my great goal in life, formulated right after puberty, was to display my passionate affection for them by giving them such a raunchy sexual experience that they would be launched out past Andromeda. And what could possibly be a more loving thing to do for another human being than this spectacular thing that human beings love so very much.

I always thought I was quite warm and affectionate, and a very caring individual, as could be seen from my displays of polygamous sexual attractions, but, no, apparently, according to the feedback you hear about someone like me, I am Hitler.

Well I must Hitler, since I will joining Hitler on the barbeque to get roasted in screaming flames for an eternity of endless time because I made some guy completely lose his head and then cum with overwhelming passion, or so I would hope if everything turns out exactly as I dreamed it would. If doing that once, in a committed monogamous relationship, was not already evil enough, my plan was to make it much fucking worse by doing it over again, thus repeating that same mistake who knows how many times. For this crime against humanity, the crime of multiplying orgasms and deeply loving more than one single human being forever, I must fry right alongside Hitler. Perhaps we could split a suite down in hell, while we reflect upon the evil we did while we walked the earth. Hitler would no doubt regret roasting all those Jews, and I am sure that the Jews would be complaining about it as well, while I, alas, poor me, would be eternally regretting all those evil intensely powerful orgasms I gave out during my lifetime, although I think you would be hard pressed to find someone to complain about those orgasms the way the Jews complain about Hitler. Perhaps later, if enough negative peer pressure was applied someone might come forward to file a criminal complaint, but you can be sure that while it was true that Jews were complaining on their way to those ovens, no one was complaining while I was making them cum. Here we can see the key difference between myself and Adolph, in that Hitler’s victims complain all the time, while my victims only found some reason to complain later on.

Here I am making the assumption that any of my victims actually found anything to complain about, and if one of them did then I would suppose that I would have to face charges on that one single count, since it is hard to imagine proceeded with a criminal trial where no victims can be found to come forward and file a complaint.


You know, I was just thinking that it is a good thing that people are such notorious gossips, because it turns out that I owe my life to gossip. That’s right, if it wasn’t for gossips I would not be here today. You see there were all these fags around that wanted to fuck me, and this was just in the first few years before the whole AIDS story broke, you know in the late seventies and early eighties, however there was no fucking way they were going to be fucking me, because they were such gossips, and for some strange reason I find gossip about fucking my ass to be personally embarrassing, and therefore, luckily for me, they didn’t fuck me and I just jerked off more often to get off, thus causing me to survive the AIDS epidemic while around me a lot of those guys who would have been able to fuck such a generous and good hearted guy like me, if only they were not such rude fucking gossips, were dropping dead around me like flies.

So then it could be said that at least one good thing came out of gossip, because I am alive today to write blogs and harass people, and I owe it all to my personality quirk that causes me to recoil from gossips. If it were not for this quirk in my personality I would have been fucked, literally, and since I was considered so damned hot and everyone wanted to fuck me for that very reason, I would have probably been fucked at least one to many times, and maybe redundantly fucked a few to many times, generously giving out the ass everyone dreamed of and gossiped about so very fucking much, in exchange for such favors as a really pro blow job. You see, I am generous and giving, but I am not that generous. I do a little taking, too.

Looking back over it all I can see how I could have been royally fucked, and in more ways than one, but in a fortuitous set of circumstances, what with Jupiter lining up perfectly with Mars and so on, the combination of my good ways and their really bad ways saved my life. Never let anyone tell you there is no reward for being a deeply moral person with a strong moral core and a set of principles that you hold dear.