Friday, August 31, 2007


According to what the ‘family values’ crowd tells us, there are untold millions of aborted fetuses which are now up in heaven and being raised through childhood by God, you know, just to make up for the fact that the fetus got aborted. This sounds like one hell of a good deal to me, and it makes me wonder why there are all these real baby loving fanatics on the loose who are so damned opposed to abortion and a really lovely idea like that one.

What greater act of genuine human compassion and kindness could anyone ever do to a human baby, than to abort the fetus, so that the kid can bail out of this fucked up fucking place and go up to heaven where it can be raised in a more healthy family environment by God, in person. Like I said, that sounds like one hell of good fucking idea top me, and I just wish that the ‘family values’ crowd would just make up their fucking minds about whether or not they really do passionately love small babies, as they say they do, and if they do love them, then maybe they could prove their love by doing the only decent thing under the present circumstances and sending all those millions of babies off packing so they can be raised in a half decent environment by someone who genuinely loves and nurtures them, like God, instead of by someone who abuses and neglects them, like the ‘family values’ preacher.

Now I speak about what I know here, having been so badly abused by that mob of preachers and their mobs of thoughtless, unconcerned followers. I remember the painful horrors of watching millions of small, helpless starved babies being not aborted, but instead born to go through fucking hell for a few short fucking years in this unbelievably heartless, ruthless civilization, instead of being allowed to be aborted so they could live with God in heaven and be loved and nurtured instead of subjected to such contemptible neglect and cruelty. You never hear a family values preacher carrying on and ranting day after fucking day, year after fucking year about that starved baby problem. The reason for this is that a ‘family values’ preacher is a fucking scum bag piece of fucking shit, and the sadistic treatment meted out to helpless babies by such a transparent phony is just a mirror reflection of the excessive sadism and pointless bullying and cruelty that such a thoroughly rotten completely good for sweet fuck all dirt bag insists on calling the divine religion of God.