Friday, August 31, 2007

The Law of God

Yes, we could all be free to lift our heads and feel the grass of the earth between our toes, the wind against our skin, and we could experience the passion of living each and every moment in glorious liberty, but first we must ditch that rotten good for nothing bastard, God. Yes, we are told by so many rotten bullying bastards, that God is a rotten bullying bastard, and that like the pricks who claim to believe in such a god, God wants purity of hearts and none of those evil orgasms.

How very, very sad it must be to be religious, and to feel the passionate longing of the heart, and then go off to confession and do rosaries as penance. For the passionate longing of the heart is a sin. I have always found it hard to figure out why the passionate longing of the heart followed by what I would hope to be a super duper orgasm experienced by the one I love so very much was ‘a sin’ since no one has ever really been able to justify that daughter of the philosophers. It seems to me that the only justification that could be cooked up for a weirdo idea like that is that someone said so and therefore shut the fuck up and do what you are told. You see, it was a commandment. The law was laid down. Do what you are told or face prosecution for the crime of disobedience.

That the crime here is disobedience to commandments does not surprise me in the least, since there really isn’t much philosophy to be found in that daughter of philosophy, no cogent and convincing reasonable argument that could be made to overturn the ever so obvious truth of the matter, which is that orgasms feel so very, very good, and that when someone cums like that, they know that you must love them so very very much. After all, its not like you felt so so about them and just showed them how so so you really are by cooking them a dinner and then conversing with them over a filet and a glass Bordeaux. It is hard to conjure up deep passionate love over a filet and a glass of wine. That kind of passion is reserved for the orgasm for obvious reasons. It is on this point that our philosophers have always faltered and stumbled, in that they must make a white sheep into a black sheep, and so therefore we have no philosophy but we have pointless bullying and senseless cruelty instead. Such bullying is required since we do lack a philosophy here and therefore can only force people to do what we say, since there is a slim and very distant hope of ever being able to convince them through reasonable philisophical argument. That would require the existence of philosophy, and so you can see the problem a bully has, since he doesn’t have a philosophy and I do, which is why I win the argument and a bully must resort to forceful bullying instead.

Yes we must ditch the orgasms and the loving passionate embraces we could share with those we love so very much who come into our lives during the time we walk and breath with the grass beneath our feet bathed in the glorious sunshine that illuminates our sojourn on this planet earth. Yes we must ditch all these excessive orgasms, unless somehow we can ditch the ruthless bullying bastard, God, at which time we could heave a huge sigh of relief, and when passionate longing came along we could tour the galaxy, riding on wings of sexual delight, for no other reason than that we simply loved someone so very much, and since we weren’t being locked up in boxes, we were free to love our many lovers whenever the next of our passionately loved lovers came along. This would be easily possible, and most human beings would go for that deal, since we love the idea so very, very much, but first we must ditch that miserable bastard, God.

Therefore I can understand the intense bitterness felt towards God by so very many people, for about the only reason for people to feel miserable and deeply sad down in their hearts is that bullying of that miserable bastard God. With that bastard gone once and for all we could be happy and free and joyous instead.