Friday, August 31, 2007

The Great Love of God

Now religious people are always telling us about the great ‘Love of God,’ who loves us so much that this God must treat us like a fucking miserable bastard would treat us, which is not loving at all. No, that god preached by religion is something I could do without, thank you very much, and if that means that only for a few short days I can walk the earth and feel the grass beneath my feet and the wind on my skin, while embracing anyone I loved without being bullied by a fucking prick, then I would consider that a worthwhile trade off. You see, I don’t have much interest in spending an eternity of time with some miserable bullying disgusting fucking prick, and when I consider just how passionately I could love my lovers, I would rather spend a few brief moments with humanity, whom I love, than spend an eternity with some odious old bastard that I hate. The one is a pleasant thought, tinged with great sadness, because of the shortness of it all, while the other is an unpleasant thought, tinged with an ever greater sadness because of the long lengthy eternity of it all. When you consider this, since living a short time with a lover is pleasant, while God is completely unpleasant, it would be better to live a short time and have no God because the benefits of having a short pleasant life outweigh the living of a completely rotten life forever, since that would have no redeeming benefits.

I can only imagine the deep painful sorrow that must wash over the heart of the truly, truly religious as they sadly tear themselves away from a lover whom they know they will never, ever be able to embrace because it would supremely piss off that ruthless bullying bedroom invading peeping Tom, God. How religious people can keep bitterness out of their hearts long enough to preach about the ‘Love of God’ I will never know, because if I was in their position I would be preaching about that fucking loveless bastard, God, that disgusting bullying fucking prick, God, and you certainly wouldn’t hear me preaching about ‘the Love of God’ because I never received any ‘Love of God’ but I got bullied instead and so that would be what I would preach.