Friday, August 31, 2007


You know, I was just thinking that it is a good thing that people are such notorious gossips, because it turns out that I owe my life to gossip. That’s right, if it wasn’t for gossips I would not be here today. You see there were all these fags around that wanted to fuck me, and this was just in the first few years before the whole AIDS story broke, you know in the late seventies and early eighties, however there was no fucking way they were going to be fucking me, because they were such gossips, and for some strange reason I find gossip about fucking my ass to be personally embarrassing, and therefore, luckily for me, they didn’t fuck me and I just jerked off more often to get off, thus causing me to survive the AIDS epidemic while around me a lot of those guys who would have been able to fuck such a generous and good hearted guy like me, if only they were not such rude fucking gossips, were dropping dead around me like flies.

So then it could be said that at least one good thing came out of gossip, because I am alive today to write blogs and harass people, and I owe it all to my personality quirk that causes me to recoil from gossips. If it were not for this quirk in my personality I would have been fucked, literally, and since I was considered so damned hot and everyone wanted to fuck me for that very reason, I would have probably been fucked at least one to many times, and maybe redundantly fucked a few to many times, generously giving out the ass everyone dreamed of and gossiped about so very fucking much, in exchange for such favors as a really pro blow job. You see, I am generous and giving, but I am not that generous. I do a little taking, too.

Looking back over it all I can see how I could have been royally fucked, and in more ways than one, but in a fortuitous set of circumstances, what with Jupiter lining up perfectly with Mars and so on, the combination of my good ways and their really bad ways saved my life. Never let anyone tell you there is no reward for being a deeply moral person with a strong moral core and a set of principles that you hold dear.