Friday, August 31, 2007

The Pure of Heart

Yes, we could love each other, and we could show that we love each other by loving each other with something a ruthless bully refers to as ‘purity of heart.’ You see the impure of heart, such as myself, want to make another human being feel wonderful, for no other reason than that they love them, you see, and giving them an intense orgasm is one way to show just how very much they love them, and wish to bond strongly with them, cementing that bond with loving sexuality. Such are the nefarious sexual perversions of the impure of heart. There really isn’t much more than can be said about it than that.

The pure of heart are not like this, and because they are pure, you wouldn’t find them making anyone feel really, really intensely powerfully good, by giving them an orgasm, which would be morally wrong, according to the pure of heart. The pure of heart want to stop that orgasm, and their idea of love would be to perhaps say ‘hello’ or maybe, in complete purity of heart, they could have a warm conversation with you, or some other thing that is not intensely passionately fun and certainly not something that feels wonderfully good. The pure of heart insist that their ideas are the product of one of the daughters of philosophy. If this is true then we should be able to see the pure logic behind their reasoning, and be able to discern a system of philosophy which informs their moral choice to avoid giving someone they loved an orgasm, and instead remain pure in heart by having a genuinely loving conversation with them over dinner instead..