Thursday, September 6, 2007


If you are familiar with human anatomy and its development in the womb would know that we all start out as females, and we have a clitoris and ovaries. When appropriate hormones are released, a clitoris can then become a penis while ovaries drop out of the body cavity and become testicles.

A clitoris is the progenitor of the penis, and as every boy knows, there is nothing as glorious as the feeling of warm wetness wrapped around such a sensitive organ as the penis. The same is true of the clitoris. While a boy can slip a penis into a vagina and enjoy all the thrills that paradise has to offer, a clitoris has nowhere to go to experience such rapture. Therefore the clitoris must be sucked.

Now notice that I say that a clitoris must be sucked. Would a boy enjoy having his penis licked like a Popsicle? Boring. A clitoris is the female equivalent of the male penis, and it should be sucked the way a male would enjoy having his penis sucked. A clitoris should not be licked like a Popsicle stick.

Among the Bonobo apes the sucking of the female clitoris is a standard part of the Bonobo sexual repertoire. That the only useful purpose for a clitoris is that it should be sucked is something so obvious that even a monkey could figure it out, and this makes me mourn all those Christian women who lived in Christian societies over the ages of time and who therefore only got fucked and who never experience the same passion that a man experiences because they never had their clitoris properly sucked.

So therefore it is an act of sexual immorality for a man to be a pig and how that he is a selfish pig by being a glutton when it comes to pleasing himself by wrapping warm wetness around his own cock, while ruthlessly denying the same feeling of ecstasy to a woman. You get down there and suck that clitoris, straight boy, or it’s no more pussy for you, boy.