Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

It is common for religious blasphemers to compare God to some psycho mad scientist brewing up sex diseases so that religious people can have some means to justify their weirdly contradictory moral system. What this means is that if sexually transmitted diseases were cured, then there would no longer exist any religious justification for the attack on human sexuality characteristic of fucked up religion.

Yes, if we cure these diseases that would mean that finally, once and for all, we could all breath freely and we could embrace our lovers without fear of harming them or ourselves. Our lives would be simpler because we would no longer be burdened by the moral and ethical complications introduced into human sexual relationships by the presence of such sexual diseases. We would also be free of the attempts by religious types to exploit sexual diseases to promote a twisted system of morals and ethics, for once these diseases disappear there would no longer be any basis upon which to preach twisted moral values while making the preaching of such fucked up nonsense seem like the outpouring of the fountain of righteousness.

What this tells us is that the moral and ethical issues that arise because of sexual diseases are the moral and ethical issues that arise because such diseases exist, and are not moral or ethical issues that are inherent to human sexuality, for when such diseases no longer exist, nor do the moral and ethical issues they create. This is stating the obvious, but I feel it is required. I also feel it is required that I make note of the point that when I preach about Eden with such free abandon and exuberance I am preaching about the ethics of human sexuality absent any concern for the ethical issues arising because of sexually transmitted diseases. In otherwords, I am being an idealist. I am not unrealistic, for I do know that temporarily people must grapple with moral and ethical issues that arise from the existence of sexually transmitted diseases. However when I preach I prefer to preach about human sexuality itself, without the encumbrance of dealing with transitory and passing concerns such as diseases, so that my preaching about human sexuality can be pure and reflect what is permanent and lasting in human sexuality. This is the technique I employ to make my point clear. I become an idealist.