Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sexual Communication

I was talking to some young straight boy and he told me that he had better orgasms whacking off than he did with his girlfriend, and he said, ‘you know how it is.’ The way he said it was as though somehow having better orgasms whacking off was the norm, and most guys would agree with him and understand what he meant, since this was the norm after all.

Now speaking as a homo I can tell you that the best orgasms are not the result of whacking off, and when something like that is going on, it means that someone is not doing things the right way. I know that the very first time I experienced ‘the blow job’ I lost all interest in whacking off pretty much on the spot, since I had other things on my mind.

What this tells me is that after thousands of years of Christianity people are now so sexually repressed that they cannot even communicate with their lovers. They cannot say, ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ or ‘no, more down there’.