Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Christian God

How I longed to enter into paradise, to walk forever with Adam over verdant fields and beside bubbling streams, gathering lilies. I swore to my God that I would be loving Adam until long after the sun went nova, and even long after the last of the stars in heaven’s firmament burned out.

How generous were the gifts of YAHWEH, for I loved Adam not only for his mind or for those little quirks and foibles and failings that always aroused such passionate love within me, but I also loved Adam’s body. How lovely was his back and the way it curved down and then became his bum. His body was like marble inlaid with every sort of precious and wonderful jewel. The excitement, the mysterious passion his naked body would arouse within me was intoxicating and so very beautiful. How I longed to walk through the Garden of Paradise forever, with Adam, my love.

Now let us consider the Christian God, for unlike YAHWEH, the God of the Garden of Eden, whom I loved and revered with an unbridled passion, I hated that Christian God with a fervor that was equal and opposite to the love I felt for YAHWEH.

What a dirty old bastard that Christian God seemed to be to me. First the miserable prick created the enchanting allure of the naked Garden, that glorious Eden, and that lovely creature, Adam. It was so very intoxicating, and the Christian God gave this intoxication a name. It was called ‘temptation.’ Now no ‘temptation’ could ever be a genuine ‘temptation’ unless it was genuinely ‘tempting’. Since this bastard, the Christian God, was planning to ban all temptation, first it was required to create temptation, and to make it ever so tempting so that it would be a temptation so that temptation could be resisted.

Yes, that loathsome and warp minded Christian God expected me to resist the Garden, the lovely and intoxicating Garden, and to resist that glorious temptation so that I could become worthy of the sterility of some placed called heaven. In heaven there were no bodies, no filthy genitals, and no obscene bare bums to tempt me and cause me to go down into hell. I would be pure, for the Christian God wanted purity of heart, and that meant resisting those intoxicating and very alluring temptations of that most glorious of Gardens.

How I longed to walk naked forever through the Garden of Paradise, but that Christian God said no, that can never be. It was for me to become a ghost and live a pure and sacred life up in heaven. No Garden of Eden in Paradise for me.

I loved YAHWEH’s lovely Garden, and I loved to look at Adam, my beautiful lovely Adam. It was so very tempting to look at Adam. It was more than just tempting, it was irresistible and so mysteriously intoxicating. But the Christian God said that there would be no looking at Adam. It was tempting to look at Adam, his round bottom, his beautiful penis, his wonderful flat chest, yes it was irresistible, it was so very tempting, but I was to resist temptation, for it was tempting me, so ordered the Christian God. If I was unable to resist such an alluring and intoxicating temptation as was the naked human body then the Christian God said that I should take a steak knife and gouge the eyes right out of my head and throw those two eyeballs into fiery hell, for it would be better for me to go through life blind, and not being tempted, than for me to follow those two tempted eyeballs into hell. If I could not stop jerking off, then it would be better, said that Christian God, that I chop both hands off and throw those hands into the fiery hell, right along with those two gouged out eyeballs. Yes, it was tempting, that Christian God had made it all so tempting, and so only severe measures would ever make someone like me a suitable candidate to have my balls cut off and have myself turned into a permanently asexual ghost up in spiritual sexless heaven.

Now how could you not hate a manipulative old bastard like that fucking son of a bitch, the Christian God? Just as the love I felt for YAHWEH and for YAHWEH’s glorious Garden of Paradise was endless and eternal, so the hatred I felt in my heart for that loathsome oppressor, the Christian God, was also eternal, and while I longed to live for and with YAHWEH, the only desire I felt in my heart as it concerned that Christian God was to be allowed to die and cease to exist forever, disappearing into the void of nonexistent eternal blackness, rather than having that ruthless fucker throwing me into the lake of fiery hell. This humble request of mine, for eternal nonexistence seemed to be not to much to ask of that ruthless fucker, but there was no way to be sure if such a request would ever be granted by such a sadistic maniac.

I can only love God if I also love Adam, and if I love Adam’s body, for to sincerely and genuinely love God is to love YAHWEH’s Garden and to be a lover who dreams of sexual paradise, for YAHWEH is like a passionate lover and only a lover who longs to embrace their loved one can ever know God or love God.