Thursday, September 6, 2007

Heaven Bound

How very lovely it has been to stroll through the Garden of God. How my heart thrills when I dream my dreams of the Paradise of Eden. How I long to linger there forever with my loved one.

Now Paradise is a vast Garden with endless rolling hills and countless streams and who can measure it. Many are its fruits. I have such a vivid imagination that I can actually feel the passionate release that I might feel if my loved one came to me after an absence of two hundred years spent gathering lilies in the valleys of paradise, and then returned to me. As I my arms wrap around my lover in a passionate embrace I can feel the intensity of that embrace. They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and an absence of two hundred years without my lover in my arms, I was feeling very, very fond of my lover when at long last my lover returned to me.

Yes, the Garden is an everlasting paradise, and so very many are its many fruits, and I would imagine that parting for two hundred years would be such sweet sorrow, and many would be the moments of such sweet sorrow, for how could I deny my lovers what my own heart desires, which is to wander through the fruit orchards filling my basket with peaches or walking beside swiftly running streams gathering lilies, for is not this paradise, this wonderful Garden, is not a lovers paradise.

Oh sweet embrace, oh the wonderful release of passion fulfilled, for my lover has returned to my arms after two hundred years. Oh my darling, my little one, my precious one, my love, how very good it is to embrace you once again. Oh how I have longed for you my love. Come, tell me where you have been. Who have you met, who have you embraced, who has captivated you, oh my wanderer, my little dove, my little lamb, my love.

Yes, I certainly do have a vivid imagination, because I can actually feel the passion of such an embrace when I imagine life in the Garden of Paradise where I know my lovers will be roaming the valleys and walking by the streams looking for lilies and gathering fruit with which to fill their baskets. Oh happy day, oh longing fulfilled when my lover returns after an absence of two hundred years.

I am a human being and many are the lovers I long to embrace for an eternity, if only for a moment at a time. It is this captivating vision of the beauty of human love that can so captivate a human heart that makes me abhor the thought of being heaven bound.

Yes, there are other gods we hear about besides YAHWEH, but they cannot win my heart. Oh abhorrent heaven up above, where I would sit on clouds playing some harp, while forever I must mourn my lost paradise. If the only goal in life is to escape the ruthless punishments of some so called who hates Eden then I suppose there might be something to say for dying and becoming a ghost and being heaven bound. If mere survival is enough to satisfy then perhaps even the sterilized life of the saints in heaven might be enough to satisfy. But how will I ever forget the longing in my heart for the Garden of Paradise, where I have walked if only for a brief time with my lovers here on earth. Oh, taste of Paradise, the gift of YAHWEH, my lover and my God.

Oh sterile heaven, enemy of my paradise, my lovely Garden in Eden, how could I ever love thee. Oh crusher of dreams, oh miserly scrooge, oh heavenly god. Leave me to my temptations and take thy holiness away from me, and give me death before heaven. At least in death all will silent and I will no longer pine for my lost Eden, my paradise in the Garden. Oh spare me the foul and ferocious ministrations of thy fierce and fiery hell and grant me this one small dignity of a quiet peaceful death. Oh mighty one, grant me death as you deliver me from temptations and slam the door eternally on my Garden Paradise.

How brutal and how cruel are the ministrations of these other gods whose names are mentioned here on earth, but whose names will be forgotten forever in the Gardens of Paradise.