Sunday, September 9, 2007

Islam and the Broom of Destruction

I am the prophet of YAHWEH, preacher of the Garden of Eden, a lovers paradise, the gift of the God of lovers, where are all great lovers of humanity belong. Now no lover would find anything offensive about my Garden or find themselves repelled by my preaching of the thrilling fun and the many passions of my paradise, but there are those who are not lovers of humanity, and therefore who are not lovers, and they are offended. Yes, if they should find a lover loving humanity as lovers do then its up against the wall the be cut down in a hail of machine gun fire, or its off with their head with the headless corpses of these lovers hurled to the ground and put on display as a warning to any other lovers of what becomes of lovers under the rule of Islam.

How I long for my Garden and the many lovers whom I love and who I long to hold in a passionate embrace, for you see, I am a normal human being and so naturally I would find such ideas to be intoxicating and very lovely to consider. An Islamist, in the other hand, is a supremely fucked up warp minded weirdo of some sort as you can tell by the fact that they find lovers loving lovers to be deeply offensive. Therefore they offer the lovers, Adam and Eve, as a human sacrifice, as food for their idol.

It is Adam and Eve, the naked lovers, who are the true people of God on this planet. YAHWEH is the God of lovers as you can see for yourself when you consider all the lilies of the field and find yourself enraptured by the intoxication of those temptations. Adam and Eve, should they ditch the fig leaf and return to their Garden paradise, will find that they are in danger, they live in mortal peril, for there is snake in the Garden, a murderous Islamic snake in the grass destroying the Garden of Paradise, the Eden of God.

Therefore this is the Word of YAHWEH God. This planet will be swept with the broom of destruction, the nations will be shaken through the sieve of destruction, and Islam, and anything else like it, will be destroyed and wiped off the face of this planet. No more idol worshipper, no more idol. Ages of time have passed and those stump sitting wood blocks have not so much as batted an eye lash. Are you people so atrociously stupid that you still think that motionless garden wrecking log stump is a god? YAHWEH is a God of furious jealousy and if you idol worshippers remain stubbornly unrepentant and refuse to stop bowing down to those ruinously brain damaging blocks of wood, then the idols will be removed from paradise by removing you from paradise. This will be done, one damnable way or the other, and with YAHWEH, there is always one more damnable way. No more idols. There will be no more idols found on this planet, and if that means there won’t be one single idol worshipper left standing on this planet at the end of it all, then that’s the way it will be. You gain nothing for yourself by your ruinously idiotic display of stubbornness.

Therefore this is the Word of YAHWEH God, to the people of God, to those great lovers of humanity, to those lovers of Gardens and lilies, the naked lovers who love lovely dreams of the Paradise of Eden, and who find no offense in it. “Do not be afraid for I have called you by name and you are my people. When the storms arise I will be with you, and you will not be overwhelmed. I will give entire nations in exchange for you life, because you are precious in my sight and honored and I love you. I will rid the earth of those who hate you or threaten you, and in exchange for your life I will rid the earth of entire nations,” says YAHWEH of Hosts, God of Lovers and Lord of Paradise, whose jealousy is dreadful and terrible and whose wrath is greatly to be feared.