Thursday, September 6, 2007

Meet Romeo, the little Adam

I have told the story of how I climbed the Mountain of Paradise in Banff National Park, and with a prayer, I cracked open those locked and sealed pearly gates. Now since no one has ever received an answer in prayer from God in thousands of years, no one believes me when I try to tell them that, yes, I did get a magnificent and glorious answer from the one they consider to be such a ruthless, merciless, pitiless scrooge and a son of a bitch.

In the hopes that it might help to convince people that it is possible to crack open those infamously locked and barred pearly gates, I thought that I would try yet one more time to introduce people to Romeo, the naked little Adam, for it was Romeo the little Adam who had the ear of God that evening, and perhaps if they knew Romeo they might be able to understand why the heart of God was so moved with passionate desire that no lock or bar would be allowed to stand in the way of a passionate embrace.

I was Romeo, the little lover, and I loved Adam. Oh how passionately I loved Adam. I saw all these little quirks and the all to human foibles and weaknesses in little Adam, and each time I saw such things, it always aroused within me these feelings of passionate love and compassionate affection. Human fuck ups seem to be required before my love reaction is triggered, and this seems to be true of me to this very day. I have told the story of how I began to do internet research on porn stars, in the hopes of humanizing these people who seemed like strangers to me, and who I very much wanted to know. My search led me to stumble upon Sean Lockhart, who, I discovered, is a fuck up, and this discovery of the humanity of Sean then triggered off feelings of overwhelming passion. I haven’t changed a bit since the time when I was Romeo the little Adam. I became so very fond of Sean. I love Sean Lockhart so very, very much, and I was so very happy that my research had led me to Sean and gave me the opportunity to get to know him. It was a little more than I was expecting when I began my research, but I was very pleased with the results, for I think it was this reaction of love and affection that I was hoping to find all along.

I was Romeo, but I was also little Adam, and how I loved to go walking in the Garden of Eden with my friend, that buck naked little Adam in the boy’s locker room after gym class. I loved Adam from the top of his head down to the tip of his toes. His body was like a wonderland, and he thrilled me so. It was all so mysterious, and none of it made any sense, but the very mystery of sexual attraction stirred up within me the most passionate feelings of love for God who had given me this glorious gift of thrilling sexual excitement.

How I loved YAHWEH, the God of the Garden of Eden, the giver of such generous gifts in such glorious abundance. I loved Adam, body and soul, and it was because I so passionately loved Adam that I so passionately loved God. I was a very devout child, and I was communing with God all the time, these times spent with God being one of the powerful memories of my youth. My prayers were filled with the same passion that I felt for Adam, for I loved YAHWEH and I loved YAHWEH’s beautiful garden.