Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Dark Night of the Soul

It is the common practice for the people on this planet to have religion while not having God. This insolent arrogant practice then results in that experience that religious people describe as ‘the dark night of the soul’, which describes how you feel when you are having religion and not having any God whatsoever while you are doing so. The God of religion is the God of silence, the God of neglect, the God of the dead up in heaven and not the God of those living on earth, and this is how things turn out whenever people have religion while at the same time having no God to go along with that giant pile of religion. For this reason I feel that it is foolish to feel sorry for religious people when they are ‘suffering’ through their ‘dark night of the soul’ because they are suffering because they are being severely punished for having religion in the first place and therefore whenever the deep darkness wraps itself around such people like a second skin they are simply getting just what they deserve.

Some people just cannot be punished long enough or severely enough so as to cause them to repent from their sinful and evil religious ways. Even two thousand years of brutal silence and two thousand years of the torments of the ‘dark night of the soul’ still has not been enough to scour the planet with a scouring pad loaded with especially strong bleach until not even one trace of that worthless religion remains on this planet. Yes, some people can’t take the hint, and for some people even the most horrifying of punishments are still not enough to get them to repent from the evil and sinful religious ways. From what I can see YAHWEH God really went over the top in pouring the most ghoulish and horrid punishments which rained down on the heads of the religious like giant hail stones for ages of time, and remarkably, they haven’t budged so much as one fucking inch. The stubbornness of the religious sinner is just remarkable to observe.

The religious sinner appears to be the absolutely worst sinner in the world for that very reason. No one can stop them, and nothing can make them repent, as they continually launch wave after wave of attacks on YAHWEH’s Garden for that religion of theirs is nothing more than a pointless sadistic attack on the humanity of human beings for the high crime of simply being human beings.