Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Life with Hitler

Now for some damned reason just because I like swollen top down shots of dick knobs that means, so I am told, that I must go down into hell to spend an eternity of time double bunking with Hitler. I don’t know if Hitler also liked swollen looking dick knobs, but apparently myself and Hitler shared something else in common, thus explaining our shared fate, although I can’t for the life of me figure out what the fuck that could be.

Hitler frying down in hell, that I could understand, what with the way his many victims complained so bitterly about his evil deeds. Maybe some guy might want to complain about how I had an evil love of his dick knob, and he might even complain bitterly about how much I liked his dick knob that finally justice had to be done and I had to get sent down to hell to split a suite with Hitler till the end of eternities of time. Before I went, though, I would like an explanation of just what it was that my victims of dick knob love were complaining about that got me thrown head long into hell right on the heels of Hitler. Now Hitler’s victims wanted him to stop victimizing them and when he proved quite evil and refused to stop I can understand why they would start complaining. I find it hard to imagine some guy complaining if I really developed a fondness for his dick knob. If I was really liking some guys dick knob and then suddenly I stopped well, alright then, I can easily imagine that he might start complaining, because, after all, there is nothing worse to a guy than some half loved unfinished dick knob job. That would get them complaining, and if people get sent to hell because of the complaints of their victims, then perhaps I could understand if someone got thrown into the same fiery hole as Hitler for leaving countless victimized dick knobs half loved, perhaps that might make some sense, especially when you consider how much those guys would be bitterly bitching and complaining about that half finished dick knob job. Such passionate anger and bitter complaining could very well reach right up to the ears of God and given that it was a bitter complaint against some inconsiderate asshole might get some prick thrown into hell, maybe, perhaps. But a fully loved dick knob that I cannot imagine being the cause of any complaints since there was so little to complain about there since it was a fully finished dick knob job.

This line of reasoning makes perfect sense to me and so therefore I would suppose that it now remains for those people who still really want to throw me into hell for finishing dick knob jobs to find some reason why fully finishing off some dick knob, thus avoiding any complaints, would somehow be a crime worthy of hell, especially when you consider how much my many victims would have begged me to not stop but to keep going and going and victimizing them some more and more, this being one major distinction between myself and Hitler. My victims really like me you see, and if the court is just, they would have to testify that they really did like me and had nothing to complain about because it was a great dick knob job, which would fuck up the case for the prosecution.