Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crime and Punishment

It is worthwhile to study religion, and the long age of the silence of God, not so that you can get religion yourself, and God forbid that you should, but rather so that you might learn just how monstrous the punishments of YAHWEH really can be when someone trashes YAHWEH’s Garden or when someone attacks or oppresses Adam.

For committing a crime like that one you could receive the punishment received by religion, and be locked into a dark dungeon, without so much as a window to let in a little bit of light, while around you in the terrifying night ghosts and ghouls haunt the place, as the maw of eternal blackness opens before your eyes and then sits there waiting to devour you, while always reminding you that it is coming, yes it is coming, that open maw of eternal darkness is coming to get you, yes it is coming.

Now if that is not one dreadful punishment. I find it hard to imagine how the punishment for having religion could have been made any worse than that one, and given just how monstrous that was I find it remarkable that religious people never repent. But then I would suppose that God is just, and therefore the punishment must fit the crime, and since religious people are so unrepentantly stubborn beyond all measure the judgment and punishment became equally monstrous in proportion.