Monday, September 10, 2007

The Doghouse

I follow orders. Now anyone who thinks that I do not follow orders is welcome to come visit me, pull up a lawn chair, and watch the dancing angels.

My orders, which I received this May, were to get that ‘American Imperialism’ to do a little laser surgery on Iran, by excising a cancer, the military force of Iran, in particular those Revolutionary Guards, or the rest of them as well should that be required, for you see, an Islamic Mullah without a gun is a Mullah being run out of town on a rail. It is not like Mullahs can win popularity contests which then explains why they have plans to hold the unwilling people of Iran at gunpoint forever and ever, Amen.

Now the reason why YAHWEH wants this done is to make the point that Allah, the fig leaf peddling snake, is an idol, for you see after sitting motionless on a carved stump for 1400 years, Allah could not even save his glorious Islamic Republic from one lousy country when one that one country kicked those Mullahs in the ass, which isn’t saying much for Allah as far as being a god is concerned.

Preaching this message and following my orders, gets me sent to the doghouse. For some fucking reason the liberal and leftist types are playing the game of rally round the Mullah. Save the Mullah. Glory to the Mullah, and the glorious resistance to ‘American Imperialism’. After those Mullahs terrorized and publicly executed two adolescent gay boys, our wonderful liberal churches sent over a peace delegation to wine and dine with those Mullahs, and then began their cross country tour to deliver their church message : ‘Adminejad, he’s not so bad.’ These are not monsters, those churches told us, as they worked to ‘humanize’ those murderous, tyrannical Mullahs. You see, you really do have to react strongly when a prophet of YAHWEH is one the move. As for our liberal and leftist types, they aren’t locked up in a dungeon, or pumped full of red hot lead, as is the customary treatment Islamists have meted out to liberals and leftists in the previous century, as we know, which means that our liberals and leftists are quite free to play rally round the Mullah. You see they are free to do so because they are 1.) alive and 2.) not locked up in a dungeon somewhere.

I would like to ask my little lambs, who might be about to send me to the doghouse over some fucking Mullah, just where do you plan to go, little lamb. Oh, little lamb, where will you go? Your ancestors were perpetually fucking up when it came to their idiotic rebellions against YAHWEH, and as you know, your ancestors went nowhere, because, you see, there is no where to go but to the Garden of Eden, and when you are going somewhere else that means that you are going nowhere, because there is nowhere else to go.

Hopefully, American Imperialism will ignore all the chattering fucks in that country, and obey their orders, so that we can avoid such nasty things as rolling bowling balls rolling into that country one after another, or perhaps things even worse than that. YAHWEH is very sympathetic, and thus it takes some time for YAHWEH to get supremely pissed off, but as is the case for those who choke back their anger and hold it in for so damned long, when it does come out, its volcanic. Hopefully we can avoid any such upcoming vulcanism, and since American Imperialism knows much more about me and what is going on, and therefore has better to reason to believe me when I tell them that these are my orders, it is my hope that American Imperialism can skip the vulcanism and do what they are ordered to do.