Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Original Gossip

From whence did this ruinous cycle of gossip, peer pressure, and more and more endless gossip have its source. What was the source of the original sin of the original gossip?

What is a priest other than a scandal mongering gossip who wears a special robe. Because he has dressed for the occasion in what we are told are holy garments it is to be hoped that no one will notice that he is nothing more than a salacious trouble making gossip, but rather perhaps they will think of his gossip as being the evidence that he is a moral exemplar.

The priest is a gossip who relies upon peer pressure to spread his fucked up system of morality throughout any given population. The priest is not a son of the philosophers nor are his fucked up ideas one of the daughters of philosophy. Therefore he must rely upon the coercive force of peer pressure and he must employ the technique of shaming and the threat of excommunication to inculcate a feeling of shame and guilt and to do this he gossips and he scandal mongers. For the priest to ‘save souls’ is to create a nation of scandal mongering gossips and back stabbers who are packing knives.

Human beings are social creatures and they need to feel that they are part of the group, and when this simple shaming technique is employed by some gossip like that priest and a weak human being responds with the fear of any human being facing excommunication from the group, the guilt inspired by this crude technique is then called ‘the move of the holy ghost.’ This gossip followed by shaming is grossly manipulative of human weakness and if the priest is allowed to succeed at his priest craft the end result will be a society royally fucked up by worthless nonsense posing as moral values while the peer pressure of the group keeps the human race enslaved and in bondage to the laws of priests for long ages of time. No one is free to live their lives, for everyone is now a gossip and that means that everyone is now an oppressor, and as the sorry history of the human race demonstrates so clearly, it takes long ages of time for any human society to finally become free of this system of enslavement, while the most ruthless and murderous punishments are inflicted upon those few brave souls who first took a hammer to the wall and were murdered by priests, giving their lives so that future generations might finally have some hope of once again living free.

The priest could only succeed at his priest craft because our ancestors were gossips, and the fact that the moral values of that priest were corrupt and contradictory nonsense made no difference, for you see it is the practice of scandal mongering nasty gossips to ram the knife into the back of people for the simple act of being human beings who just happened to violate some phony taboo, and since the priest is the master of the art of manufacturing phony taboos it was a simple matter for the human race to fall into the trap of religion, for religion is the just punishment which came raining down upon the heads of the human race for the crime of being unfeeling and inhumane gossips.