Saturday, September 1, 2007

Religion and Other Fun Topics

Yes, I like cock. In particular I prefer the knob on the end of a guy’s dick, which is my favorite part of the male anatomy. Balls come in a close second, but really nothing can top my fascination with that pretty and thrilling thing, the dick knob. Don’t get me wrong, I like every thing about man. For instance, I think that male feet are cute, much cuter than female feet, which look different, in a sort of wrong way, which I don’t like, and you can sure tell the difference right away. Yes, I like everything about a man, but some things I like more than others, such as that dick knob, which is curious. I mean that it is curious because I could have a thrilling orgasm looking at pictures of door knobs, but somehow a door knob doesn’t do a fucking thing for me, but for an unexplained and rather mysterious reason, dick knobs just do it for me when it comes to whacking off. I don’t know the reason for this curious development, but I do know that it is FUN. WEEEEEEE! YEEEE HAAAAAA!

Yes it is fun, and yes, that is curious. It seems that some people you can tell anything and they will believe it, which is also curious. As just one example of this you can tell people that it is their religious duty to not be FUN at all, and for some reason they will take the matter to heart, and they will frown with disapproval should someone be found having FUN with dick knobs, since FUN is what they call ‘immoral’, which is every bit as curious as that bit about loving dick knobs. It is curious because it seems so fucked up, and it is that very fucked quality that makes me curious. I would not be so curious as regards this matter if it made a damn bit of sense but because it makes no damned sense at all, I am curious.

You see, for some reason Adam was given a dick knob, which is undeniably a fun thing to have, but for some fucked up reason he must cover up that dick knob with a fig leaf. You see, we don’t want God to get supremely pissed off by having those cocks seen bobbing up and down and wiggling around when Adam is out and about.

No, that would be ‘morally depraved’ so I am told. This then cause me to conclude that religious people actually think that God is morally depraved, for only some warp minded pervert would think up a filthy idea like that dick knob, which while it does serve a useful purpose, is in fact EVIL.

Yes, you can tell the human race just about anything, and they will believe it. You can even tell them that God is a deviant sexual pervert, the creator of obscenity and filth, and they will believe that and adopt that weird idea as their official dogmatic state religion, as thousands of years of such godless religion so clearly attests. I use the term ‘godless religion’, for after having been compared to a warp minded pervert by religion it is understandable that God hasn’t been seen anywhere near a church or a temple or one of those fucking mosques for one very hell of a long time. No. No parting of the Pacific Ocean for those people, and really who can blame God for something like that.

No God hasn’t been treading down mountains or doing any of those other God like deeds we see in those Cecil B. De Mille productions, not for one very hell of a long time. What is weird though is how God has been busy peddling fig leafs in the Garden of Eden, since it turns out that when God ditches the high drama, and goes down scale, God will then only be found healing the fractured marriage of John and Martha, thus ensuring the survival of their monogamous and thus spiritually sacred union. The alternative would be that John’s dick knob would be in Mary’s pussy instead of remaining chaste by only diving into the pussy of Martha like it was supposed to. Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for the due diligence of God, John’s dick knob could very well be found muff diving into the pussy of Sue, Jill, and Sally. Given how damned likely this could be to happen it is understandable then that God’s hands would be full trying to force a collection of rebellious shits to keep their fig leaves on their crotches and practice abstinent chastity and other such business. This would leave little time or energy left over for parting oceans or treading down mountains, which would explain a lot.